Food team

OpenKitchen is up for suggesting a dinner event

Food team,

It’s time for some action. Some of our local partners, OpenKitchen and Eatmosphere, are proposing a night of Brusseleirs discovery. 6 stops for an itinerant dinner.

Here is their proposal.

I personally think it’s a really nice idea to get to know better the neighborhood that surrounds LOTE and get an open exit to our LOTE bubble. What do you think?

@ElienShr and I would also love to organize a Disco Soupe. Sounds like waste food is the theme of our meal gatherings.

Also: would still try to get on board a fantastic Syrian couple that just launched a vegeterian catering: Dum Tek Veg.

Other ideas?


Food Surplus Network

Another idea: Does anyone know the local Food Surplus Entrepreneur Hub?

just trying to connect the local dots from far away …


I think @ireinga knows how to navigate these spaces…

How can I help ?

Hi, my name is Louise and I am from Belgium. I am not living in Brussels but in the counrtyside one hour down. I wish to help for the food but not sure how. As I speak french, research for alternatives places in the city might be easier. Please, could you tell me what is the plan so far and where I could be useful ?

Thank you, it is the first time I organize something like that and outside the fact that is new and a little bit scary, I am over excited to learn !


Welcome on board!

Hi @louiselarock, love the attitude and your profile picture!

So far we learned that there is a kitchen in the venue but that we will mostly be able to use the equipment to prepare cold food, given the large number. Other participants proposed recipes they want to cook so there is a strong team shaping up. We will be asked to either donate small amounts of money (up to 5 euros) to cover the costs or bring along ingredients. @ireinga is coordinating this and know better where help is needed, so she should be in touch shortly. We don’t have anything planned for Sunday as far as I know, so there’s a chance we could go to some of the alternative places in the city if they’re not too far away from the venue?


Don’t be scared! We don’t bite… except the delicious food that the Food Team will prepare. Yum. laugh


Hi Folks,

I’m living in Brussels and would love to help you cooking and looking for food. We can get lots of vegetables for free at the end of the big open-air markets, definitely eatable if on the same day. Are you doing a meeting for organisation before the event?

Looking forward to meet you all,





@Julieleb nice to meet you! Great idea. @ireinga is organizing an Apéro on February 11th, we’ll let everyone know once she has the location and time.

Until then, I’d like to welcome you to share a little bit about yourself… Here is one of mine. And another one that’s food related has just been posted a couple of days ago - about an organic fast food.

Hello you guys,

I would love to help organizing the meal preparation / cooking since I am really passionate about healthy and easy food.

I also live in Brussels and could help to go shopping to find the best and cheapest ingredients, but I would also not hesitate to help to chop kilos of vegetablessss !!

Cheers, Theresa

My motto when cooking

Is maximum flavour with minimum dishes, so I’m looking forward to learning from you!

Add me too!

Hi everyone,

I’ll come to you from Poland so I can only help already on the event. I’ll be happy to help with making meals and doing all the stuff that needs to be done. I do well with knife and pots, so I’ll eagerly spend half the night in the kitchen (if need be) preparing food for the army of people :slight_smile:

See you there,


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Welcome on board @Monika_Koszewska. That will do, after all fellow LOTErs are registering not just to cook, but also to chop, dish wash and so on. The more the merrier.

Don’t forget to register officially for the event, by pressing “Attend” on the event page.

Reporting on food preferences

Hello team, just to let you know about 6-8 people of those who cared to let us know their food preferences are vegans and about a dozen are vegetarians (I see no meat dishes have been proposed though). Hope it helps.

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croque madame is not vegetarian/vegan

Count me in

Hi guys!

if there is still place I’d like to help the food team during the conference.  I love to cook but also do simple chopping/washing tasks.


We’ll add you to team. Which days are you coming? :slight_smile:

I’ll arrive thursday morning and leave sunday morning.

Done deal

You’re all signed up!

Stupid question…what about coffee, tea and drinks?

Do we know if there are going to be coffeee machines on location, or do we need to ask people to bring their own? I can bring our mocha machine and electric kettle, but it’s too small by itself. Maybe we can ask people to bring thermoses, coffee machines and electric kettles from home?

We’ll see a lot of grumps if there is no coffee  :)))


Hi there,

Any news on the organisation of the chopping team? I might not be here before 8 on Thursday due to my time-consuming job, but I’ll be there for the other meals.

Looking forward for tomo!