#futurespotters Egypt Day 2: Future newspaper challenge

Starting point for Day 2 of workshop:

Yesterday Hayk mentioned that when they launched their rideshare service, people popped up out of nowhere asking if they could help with the initiative. Part of the reason is that the problem addressed by ridesharing, traffic, is something every resident of the city immediately recognises as a serious problem that affects them directly. Dina mentioned that everyone gets why what they do with recycling plastic bags is good, needs no further explanation.

 A challenge facing new initiatives is to make sure they are responding to  the “real problems” as perceived by the people they want to engage. We break ths challenge down into two two parts:

1. Discovering what  problems people face that’s are a point of pain in their everyday lives, that everyone recognises as a problem that affects them directly. Things which need no further explanation (traffic problems e.g)

2. Connecting what you’re doing and working and the bigger issues, with the everyday problem that people are facing. 

Which problems are we seeing and experiencing immediately around us? And how can our initiatives and the things we care about be mapped on that deeper challenge that other people care about? This way you inspire collaboration. If we identify issues that are pressing in peoples everyday lives and compare the work were doing and how its related to that maybe we can find other alternatives…

Future Newspaper Challenge:

Part 1:

You’ve solved a problem that drives people in your community in Egypt nuts on a daily basis. What is it? That’s the epic goal/big vision that you want to see realized. Split into smaller groups to write the story! One person in each group documents the discussion. And uploads your article as a post in this group. And share around on social media and with random people on the street. What are the reactions? What discussions come out of it?

Part 2:

Come up with a first step to realising the big project, one first small thing that is achievable. And find the sparks that could be the lone guy dancing on the hill?

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