Green Deal: a €1 billion H2020 call launched!

In mid-September 2020 the European Commission will launch a €1 billion H2020 call reserved for projects relating to the Green Deal, to be submitted until January 2021. Fighting climate change and making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 is one of the main priorities of the European Commission. In support of this priority, the Commission is reinforcing Green Deal-related research and innovation with this dedicated call for proposals under the current research and innovation programme - Horizon 2020.

What the call aims to do

The Green Deal call will mobilise research and innovation to foster a just and sustainable societal transition aiming at ‘leaving nobody behind’.

Projects are expected to deliver tangible and visible results relatively quickly and show how research and innovation can provide concrete solutions for the Green Deal main priorities.

This is why the call will support

  • pilot applications, demonstration projects and innovative products
  • innovation for better governance of the green and digital transition
  • social and value chain innovation

In addition to technological development and demonstration, the call encourages experimentation and social innovation for new ways to engage civil society and empower citizens.

In relation to the current pandemic, the call will contribute to the green and digital recovery and to increasing societal resilience for example in agriculture, biodiversity acceleration of renewables, clean transport and modernisation towards a clean and circular industry.

How is the call structured?

The call contains 11 areas

Eight thematic areas reflecting the key work streams of the European Green Deal. In each area, one or more topics addresses the challenges outlined in the respective stream. Topics target specific, high-impact technological and societal innovations that can help advance the sustainable transition relatively quickly.

Three horizontal areas (strengthening knowledge; empowering citizens; and international cooperation) that cut across the eight thematic areas and offer a longer-term perspective in achieving the transformations set out in the European Green Deal.

Here you can find the stakeholder feedback survey results on each of the call area pages below. Updated topic texts will be added to the pages as they develop.

Call area 1: Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges

Call area 2: Clean, affordable and secure energy

Call area 3: Industry for a clean and circular economy

Call area 4: Energy and resource-efficient buildings

Call area 5: Sustainable and smart mobility

Call area 6: Farm to Fork

Call area 7: Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services

Call area 8: Zero-pollution, toxic-free environment

Call area 9: Strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal

Call area 10: Empowering citizens for transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe

Call area 11: Accelerating the clean energy transition and access in partnership with Africa.


  • mid-September 2020

Formal adoption of Green Deal call as amendment to Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-20

  • mid-September 2020

Publication and opening of the call

  • 22-24 September 2020

Opportunity to find potential project partners at the EU R&I Days

  • end January 2021

Deadline for submitting project proposals.


Great news!

We should probably be ready: start hypothesizing which projects we want to run with, and where to place them, and look for interesting partners.


Virtual Brokerage Event on the European Green Deal Call

23-24 September 2020

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation, the Research Executive Agency, the Executive Agency for SMEs, and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, invite you to participate in the Info Day on the European Green deal Call, published on 18 September on the Funding & Tenders Opportunities Portal.

This is a FREE two-day virtual event that will introduce the Green Deal call for proposals and present insights and expectations from the European Commission, while offering a unique international networking and matchmaking experience to forge winning research and innovation consortia.

The programme will include presentations from the European Commission in all areas of the Green Deal call, and will provide a unique opportunity for applicants to pitch their ideas and expertise to leading research organisations, academia, SMEs and cutting-edge innovators from across industries.

The virtual brokerage event will allow you to extend your international network and create strategic partnerships through scheduled one-to-one meetings.

The event is open to SMEs, larger companies and research organisations in the European Union, and in Associated and third countries.

The Info Day will take place during the virtual Research & Innovation Days (22-24/9/2020).

How to participate:

Participants who want to take part in the info Day, first have to register for the Research & Innovation Days. Once registered, you can then tune in for the different parts of the Info Day:

23 September:

  • Part I – Introduction : Open to an unlimited number of participants.
    From 14:00 to 16:00 CEST, tune in and join the room “EGD call Info Day, Part I”
  • Part II – 11 parallel presentations of the call areas : limited to 100 participants per session, on a first come first served basis.
    From 16:00 to 18:00 CEST, tune in and join the room of the call area of your interest.

24 September:

  • Part III – brokerage event with proposal pitching in 11 parallel sessions : limited to 100 participants per session, on a first come first served basis.
    From 09:00 to 11:00 CEST, tune in and join the room of the call area of your interest
  • Part IV – Matchmaking , pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings in virtual chat rooms.
    Register for the matchmaking through this page.

If we want to participate we need to have a project idea, to schedule one-to-one meetings. The matchmaking tool will remain available up to 24 October so that you can continue to schedule one-to-one meetings, after the R&I Days.

ec_rtd_factsheet-green-deal-call.pdf (394.0 KB)

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Hi Andreja is there anything in there for food or agrikulturen? Cc @bojanbobic and @ivan

Yes, this topic, Call area 6: Farm to Fork and Alberto is in contact with Liliana (you received the email too) from ilvo about the cooperation on this topic: A participatory research on understanding the new food landscape under the EU Green New Deal. I can fwd the email to Ivan and Bojan.

@andreja and I are currently going through all the areas and mapping the topics of interest. We will share the document with you most probably towards the end of the week. After that the idea is to meet in Brussels and agree on what to pursue and how to proceed. This would be sometime beginning of October @alberto.

This is good news, it means that after we agree internally, we could organize such meetings + find partners on another brokerage event happening towards end of October.


Thanks -Also to Noemi and Marina sinne it Will be used for our poprebel work

@alberto we made the selection of the green deal calls that we could consider, HERE. If you’ll have time have a look and add your first thoughts in comments.

Are you available on Monday for a meeting at the Reef?