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can i use it in Egypt post ?

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Hi Yosser, so now it is time to develop in detail the event contents and communicate it outward - also so we can help.

The topics you have zoomed in on are interesting and relevant.

A reflection I had from participating in an event on Impact Technology to take on the climate crisis is that few people who don’t have PHDs on the subject actually understand what the real threats are or how different issues/problems are interconnected.

Which means that they might be likely to invest their time and effort in something which may not be considered an interesting enough solution for people to want to invest time, money or social capital into.

So perhaps it could be a good idea to do two things

  1. Look at these two reports to identify high impact areas that it makes sense to focus on, as well as find novel solutions that people are already building in other parts of the world to inspire the hackathon participants: Exponentialroadmap.org I Goodtechlab.io
  2. Make sure to invite experts/people who have local experience running businesses within the relevant sectors.

What do you think of this?