Hello from Egypt

Dear Edgeryders team,

Thanks for your great work, My name is Rabab Hassan, I am an Egyptian working on providing develpment opportunties in my country through the online platforms.

I do manage a recruitment accounts on FB  & twitter under the name of @TawzeefMasry for helping youth in Egypt in finding a reputable jobs and in less than 2 years our initiative reached to media and we have conducted interviews in TV and Radio. we are reacing now about 36000 followers online, beside the visitors to our website tawzeefmasry.com

I do also manage new account helping youth to have some fun on fashion and in less than three months we got 5000 followers on twitter and more than 2000 likes on FB under the name of @MalbasKhan

I am also have my personal twitter account @Rababoush having more than 46000 followers since 2011.

I am an active Egyptian on social websites and have the experience in dealing with youth and know what is the suitable language to reach them and do e-marketing for the development projects.

It will be great to join online community-builders project as it is a part of my interest.


Rabab Hassan


Hi Rabab!

Welcome and thanks for applying for the position. Nice to meet you, I’m a member of Edgeryders for some time now, I come from Romania. Yes, the numbers you mention are impressive, congratulations. I would be very interested to learn what you think about approaching the people below the radar who are doing interesting things to affect social change. Did you get a chance to browse through this group, read about Spot the Future and what we’re going for? 

Essentially we’d like to coordinate with a community builder there, the position you’re applying for, to reach out to people who could share their personal experience and challenges and join us here on EdgeRyders. The twist is that  for example in employment, which seems to be your field, a lot of people in Europe don’t believe in the idea of jobs anymore. Chances are young Egyptions would feel the same. So an interesting input for us would be what else is there for those that don’t get hired, say through your platform. Any chance you would be able to connect with them, as well as others who are innovating by making room for themselves in a system that is flawed, and how? 

Community Builder

Hello Noemi,

Thanks for your feedback, I had a quick tour in your group,  regarding approaching the people, specially youth, it is now easier via many social websites and to address them in their own levels and language, i.e. Facebook and Twitter have many social initiatives not only for employment; like for homeless children, also there is an activist for antiques saving, she could approch media through twitter to give more attention for such issue.

You can reach them easily through their national social community and their gatherings, they already did it few days ago through participating in the Get Online Week organized by UNDP Egypt.

You can contact them if you have an online platform or accounts in Arabic, using Hashtags or groups to let them interact and introduce their ideas throught it. Most of the innovative youth like to show their ideas and try to share their experience and knowledge with others so they can affect their society in a positive way, i.e. @S3Geeks initiative (group of youth initiated to deliever the technology knowledge in Upper Egypt, which is usually neglected because of the centeralization, and within two years they are now reaching all over Egypt governorates not only Upper Egypt.

In regard with jobs side, yes there is a new trend among Egyptians nowadays to initiate their own projects, mostly online, so they can reach more clients / Service recepients in short time.

There are many many ideas that been implemented and others to be implemented you can reach easily through a community builder, who is a part of their community.


… from me, too :slight_smile:

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Building something together vs doing temporary paid work

Hi Rabab, welcome to our home on the internet.

Nice to see you here.

After reading the various posts and applications for the online community builder gig it struck me that there is a big difference between how Edgeryders does things including using social media and what might be expected. So I wrote a post that I hope gives a clear idea of what we are looking for to ensure everyone’s expectations are aligned. Maybe have a look and leave a comment there? http://goo.gl/rSK863


Hello Nadia,

Thanks for sharing your post, it is really informative one :slight_smile: