Hello from Georgia, Tbilisi

Hi everyone,

Nice to be here and be part of this online community. My name is Nino ( the most common women name in Georgia). So, I’m from Georgia, Tbilisi. I’m a journalist with the background of TV journalism/DOCU, print and online media. Currently teaching Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani students at GIPA CSJMM, my fields are  Media Ethics and Online Journalism. At the same time I’m  PhD student and my research topic is “New Media as a Legatee of Soviet Propaganda in Georgia.”  

(trying to discover  how Soviet-style Propaganda has found new ways to survive and even to blossom through the present Georgian media and social networks).

I’m interested in online journalism, social media and social networking, teaching and online teaching and especially in mixed-media storytelling forms and projects.   It’s very engaging and funny  to be part of this collaboration. Hope to share with you  my personal ideas and concerns, as well as the info about  interesting people, innovative approaches and online projects in Georgia.


Nice to meet (again)

Welcome as a member of Edgeryders, Nino! So you’re very comfortable with online media – which is great for a project like this Spot the Future thing. Can I ask you something regarding social media / online media reach in Georgia:

What we are interested in Spot the Future is to discover grassroots and citizen initiatives in Georgia which are intended for social change but are far from being present in mainstream media or mainstream public discourse. Projects like small-scale social innovation and social change activism that happens, so far, at the fringe of society. For example the activists saving a park in Tbilisi; or a small project about cooperative agriculture businesses; or a citizen data journalism initiative for tracking bribes and corruption; or what have you. You get the idea … anything “on the edge” is interesting for us.

These groups and projects are often hard to reach, with no formal contact info or web presence. My question is which strategies and ideas you would use to connect us with these groups so we can discuss their experiences and learn from their ideas on this online platform. This strategies are obviously different for each culture and country – we found that Twitter, for example, seems not to be a viable medium for this in Georgia. So we’re eager to learn how you’d approach this task. (Maybe you have also some first-hand experience with any such project we like to discover, or can relate some that you encountered in Georgia?)

Oh and for cross-media storytelling projects I guess you’ll get along well with [Jasmine Idun Lyman] from our community.

(BTW, it would be helpful for us if you could edit your profile and add your Facebook and / or Twitter links there; you can also add any other platform where you have an audience in Georgia.)

topics and forms

Matthias   thanks a lot for your welcome.

It’s absolutely clear what are looking for, and you are right, that twitter is not really functional platform in Georgia. We (mostly journalists)  use it rarely, and mainly, when we just want to quickly update  some information about hot events, like shooting  in  Kiev. I know just one example when “Partizan gardeners” (it’s more then one month past after they started protests regarding to  block hotel building process in the central park of Tbilisi)  use it  for quickly gather activists together.   

Most common social platform in Georgia is Facebook. We have some experience of social change activism using this platform, but examples are not very sophisticated. Activists usually use it for creating some events, sharing some   petitions or creating open groups for  discussions  (starting from losted dog topics, green city movements  and ended  with important political issues). By the way, FB also quite  popular among lecturers:closed groups are common form of communications between students and lecturer. 

Say briefly this is what  I can do in frames of this online collaboration:

1. Be very attentive and monitor all examples of  social change activism in Georgia

2. Find and interview social activist groups ( talk about their strategy, forms and aims )  and upload it for example  on youtube  

3. Somehow measure the impact and popularity such kind of activism

4. For beggining I can use storyfy for telling this stories and  for sharing information

5. edgeryders - itself is god platform ( I’ve  just started explore it )

Say honestly, from my point of view,  very few people trying to practice social activism in Georgia, most of population has very low level of enthusiasm. For this moment I can share with you two most interesting initiatives I’ve observed 

First is Fixmystreet Georgia run by Transparency International Georgia ( Tbilisi-based NGO aiming to promote transparency and accountability. 

And second is  Feradi.info. Team of journalists, programmers and designers  are exploring and visualizing data, anyone who has an idea can post it on this site  and  contribute his/her visual ideas as well.

As I mentioned before mostly I was  interested in mix-media projects and there are some interesting and unique ones I can share as well. So thats it for now. Hope I’ve answered your question, if not,  I’m here.

P.S. I’ll update my profile and  add all info about my social network profiles.

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Great idea about the interviews…

Hi Nino,

I’m very excited about your idea of getting in touch with people and interviewing them. A couple of years ago someone in the community did a pretty cool series of Making a Living on The Edge (it ended up being commissioned work) and made it possible for us to understand how exactly individuals are facing the day to day challenges, and more importantly, how they ended up creating their own “jobs” when the market wasn’t providing them with opportunities to work out of their passions… Have a look?


I think this would be interesting to do in Spot the Future (probably much shorter videos), and we can surely make it work if you’d be up for it :slight_smile:  It may not necessarily be on Making a Living, but on other urgent and important priority for Georgians? Let me know what you think and maybe we can skype sometime to flesh it out?

Hi Nino!

Big warm welcome from me too, love the name and had no idea it was so common! The only thing I had noticed about names is that a lot of surnames end in “-shvili”.

concur fully with what Matthias is saying and asking you about, and I look forward to learning more on what you think would work when approaching change makers in Georgia.

shvili ( sun or daughter )

Hi Noemi,

Hope to start with less and quckly  improve my  technics and strateges of social networking. I think this online collaboration is perfect for this aim, and hope at the same time my input will be somhow interesting for you as well. 

Nino it’s nice to meet you :slight_smile:

As a first step I think it makes sense to try to formulate what it is we are trying to do on a deeper level. So I made a first attempt to pull together the various threads into one post. Perhaps have a look and leave a comment? Here it is: https://edgeryders.eu/spot-the-future/were-reading-reviewing-and-submitting-articles-for

Feraldi & Fixmystreet

Hi Nino, both are great intitatives, but they were initiated by NGOs, if you have any ideas of initiatives started outside of the usual framework (I proposed: Tiflis Hamkari, Smoke Free TbilisiCoop.geGeorAIR, Guerilla Gardening, Uni HackVake park ProtestACCT, members of Think Space, and Tbilisi Makerspace) that would be great!