Helping drug addicts integrate back to society

hello everyone a happy to meet you all .we are based in mombasa kenya which is a coastal city with a lot of exciting ammenities.i would love you invite you all to come and visit.

we are a group of young individuals working towards helping many of our youth who have been affected by drug use and abuse.i hope to find people willing to share their experiences and possible solutions on how we can help these group of people to lead a normal life

thank you

Formally or informally?

Hi @joshuake nice to meet you and welcome to Edgeryders, how did you find us?

How do you help the youth? also, do you work in an NGO ?

A project which you might like to read about is this one - an informal group in Greece educating prison inmates in art. So they work with people who have serious problems and try to offer something that they can keep them busy, learn new skills, maybe even get recognition. The project is called MESA: Using the transformative power of art to build community in prison.

Other people in edgeryders work with HIV/AIDS patients, experiment with therapeutic workshops, or founded peer support groups for those fighting depression

Feel free to read the stories and leave a comment with your impressions?

awesome people

Hello @neomi pleasure to meet with here.

firstly i met you guys through the internet.i am always on the lookout for peopl, organisations and communities that support positive change

in way that provides global solutions to our local problems. it is indeed a great opportunity to have met you guys

secondly i work with a registered youth group which more less than an NGO but we have plans of registering our group as an NGO in the future.

we help the youth in sevral ways,

  • we identify guys within the community who show signs of drug abuse, we approach them and give the them counselling.
  • after the victims agreeing to cooperate, introduce them to a health centre where they undergo counseling and medication,
  • after a few weeks of positive recovery, we enrol them in our training activities in which we train them on basic skills that they can apply to gain income for themselves and their families
  • we engage them them in community activities such cleaning and environment conservation whereby we are able to reach to more youths who maybe in the same situation