Hi :) from Hawai'i Island

Aloha e,

I’m Evan and I currently work helping solve problems and build strategies for the waste-diversion/bioconversion ecosystem here in Hawai’i. I’m working on building physical and organizational capacity for local soil/organic fertilizer production and also work with a decentralized, equity-first initiative to build emission-reducing teams around the world called the Gigatonne Challenge.

In my spare time, I’ve been dipping my toes back into creative writing. This is my first post on Edgeryders and I’m looking forward to exploring and connecting. Thanks!


Welcome, and hello from Sri Lanka!

Welcome from me too! I have been looking up the Gigatonne challenge in November, because, of all places, I ended up at the UNDP Accelerator Labs. Gigatonne reminded me of a model dreamed up years ago, by @nadia and others, called Open&Change, which ran for a very large grant (100 mil! We got shortlisted, but eventually the funder made a different choice. It was fun anyway). The similarity between the two ideas is the idea of scale: not one big box, but many smaller ones.

As for Gigatonne itself, I saw a lot of documentation, but it seemed not up-to-date. I was probably looking in the wrong place. Maybe you could point to a link describing where you are now?

And finally,

Maybe you will enjoy this: https://witness.scifieconomicslab.net. Yudha and I are quite involved in this, so if it piques your curiosity you can ask us.

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well hi Evan, we meet again :)) welcome!

Hey Alberto,

That is a very interesting model, Open&Change, and the conceptual similarity is clear! Execution is sure proving to be the sweaty and “fun” part.

Here’s a link to the Gigatonne Welcome page. You’re welcome to ask more and I’d be happy to share about it directly with you. And yes, would love to ask more about the Witness project when I have a moment. Had a chance to explore a bit the other day, very interested.

Hi @yudhanjaya! @nadia we meet again in a better part of the webs :slight_smile: