High school in Matera




Hi! Yes, all of this sounds great - a viral academy with a particular attention to unMonastery projects.

[Marc] I see now that you mentioned the proposal I submitted detailing a Programming Media course. The proposal itself is mostly based on my previous experience, but I think, as per some brethen projects [elf Pavlik] brought to my attention, I’d like to approach the project as sort of breaking ground for an open, hopefully community-run school (thinking Open Tech School node). It would be awesome for all of us to combine forces on this and use unMon projects as focal points for skills.

I think we’re talking about the web site redesign tomorrow, so I’m not sure in the end where exactly it will reside, but yesterday I quickly put up my domain ourmachine.net, thinking it would be great to have an online space for examples, resources, materials, and sharing projects (many more TC on the site). Would be happy to give everyone admin privileges and compile more ideas. :slight_smile:


Need help!

Hi all,

I met yesterday a teacher of the aeronautics high school in Matera. He said he could propose the solar tracker project to students (especially students of the “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale e per Geometri Olivetti di Matera”).

So he wants a description / plan of the project but in italian. I feel quite confortable for every day speaking in italian but for such kind of presentation it should be perfect italian. So if somebody could help me translating this page I would be very happy.

This is urgent as it should be finished for tomorrow afternoon.

Many thanks!



Thanks to the wonderful [IdaLeone]. It’s here.



Thanks a lot for this translation @idaleone!


Istituto Industriale

Hi [Marc], as I told you, I’m trying to contact teachers from “Istituto Industriale”: it’s an high school in which they teaches electronic and mechanic which I think could be more useful for your project. At this point tell me if I have to go on or if you prefer to manage it by yourself. In my opinion the “Istituto per Geometri” is not the right choice: See you soon!


Would appreciate your help

Hi @ritao,

I think you’re right, the project needs skills in mechanic and electronic above all. Anyway I will make the presentation and submit it because I’m curious to see in which way they could participate to the project.

I’d like you to go on with the “Istuto industriale” because I think it will be quicker and easier.

Many thanks!