Hygge, the first Distrikt

Well, much as I love debate, can we get a move on on the writing?

The best way to trial this out is to encapsulate this debate itself as political factions. Suppose the triple AI are trying to create this optimal mix of minor markets + distribution of major resources by fiat. Say there is a prominent political faction that argues this is inconsistent in the long run and that AI-optimized fiat should be the only way forward. Say there is another faction that is pro-markets with decidedly Keynesian welfare state leanings.

Now Hygge is not one politically homogenous mass, but a place that has more than one opinion in play, and it matches @Joriam’s statement above:

People will take sides, people will complain about one and praise the other, people will make Tshirts. This is a key feature to control political turmoil in times of peace.

We have some bounds to ideas. For example, the differing opinions here show that assumptions like:

I think all human communities will give over the reigns

Are not going to fly, even at very small scales, without some ugly historical context which draws from how revolutions and power have worked in the past to set up these conditions. Neither utopias nor dystopias appear out of the ether.

The European monarchs certainly did not go without a fight; they were eventually forced to co-opt. See Cromwell, the French Revolution, or fundamental keystones in our history. Even then there were Luddites; and today we have tech-Luddites dotting the development sector as decisionmakers.

We also have some historical context and other systems set up that do not need to be canonically replicated or deprecated - please read the History. For example:

CIVICSMOD is the crew that does that maintenance function

one day an AI could have such an elegant risk calculation system that it would know exactly how much and who it could displease and still remain operating and being efficient.

Yes, welcome to the State Machine. I feel like we’re going around in circles now. This merely increases my confusion as to why we need more arbitrary Deus Ex Machinas when we canonically have one setup up and primed to fire.

Write and see how the economy of Hygge develops. See if there are rational / and/ or historical arguments for design decisions. Put yourself in the shoes of decisionmakers and see what tendencies they might have and to where they might be most willing to push decisions. We need this setup to be economically consistent with itself, whatever form it takes: otherwise we might as well switch genres altogether and build economies based around magic rings.

Hey, this process doesn’t need to be halted!

After your additions we already have a BUI system with a market on top of it. We have products and disciplines that can trade with other parts of Witness. As much as I’d like to see this Red Plenty economics (again, I haven’t read it) more fleshed out, I don’t think this is a requirement to push this forward to the wiki. It’s “safe enough to post” as it is, we can improve it later.

That sounds real good. I’ll add one hint at this in Sata’s text and later on we can give the specifics.

I also added a small section about the free market below Economy.

Proposal: let’s delete Hygge — and create another ‘first distrikt’ totally from scratch.

Context here.

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