Identifying and naming places in Witness: how to do it?

Why not? Sure, for a very specific age group in Sweden it was the name of racist rock band, but it’s actually the name of 5 different books and multiple other bands. It was a common Latin name for Greenland and a mythological concept for whatever is “farthest north”. It would make sense for Librians to be a bit tacky and name a theme park after it.

Not a hill to die on, but drains energy for those of us who know the associations and are the target of that hatred irl.

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Reminds me of US roads, which tend to have this sort of names, probably for the same reasons. “Lakeview Drive”, “Rosewood Avenue”, etc.

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More like an aethnography experiment in conversation with itself, noh? Certainly not a state machine or a Denton-esque construct.

This has been a question in my mind for a while. Are we just floating around, or perhaps we could have found a landmass and anchored to it? So there could be floating parts, solid ground, and reclaimed land areas.

Check out Libro Werde :wink:

Good point, actually!