Integrated Futures: European Social Innovation Competition

posting this interesting call

2016 theme: Integrated Futures

The European Commission is looking for innovations in products, technologies, services and models that can support the integration of refugees and migrants. Innovations can relate to any aspect of the reception and integration process including, but not limited to, ideas around:

  • education and skills development
  • employment and entrepreneurship
  • access to appropriate housing and health services
  • safety and human rights
  • community cohesion and cultural diversity.

Applications that are led by or have been co-created with refugees and migrants are encouraged.

Deadline: Friday 8 April 2016 at 12.00.00 

Phase 1: Out of the total of entries received by the deadline, 30 semi-finalists are to be selected to receive mentoring support to further progress their ideas. They will be invited to take part in the Social Innovation Academy, and to network with other European organisations and potential partners in their field of activity.

Phase 2: Out of the 30 semi-finalists, 10 finalists will be invited to the Awards Ceremony where the 3 final winners will receive a prize of €50,000 each.

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How to apply?

hi @Costantino thx for posting this. Any links or contacts for applying?

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now with the link :wink:

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Should we do a formstorm around this ?

Thanks for sharing this Costantino.

Are you or Anna interested in the call?

I have three ideas I have been working on for some time now. The main reason I don’t send them in anywhere is because it is so BORING writing these things.

Doing it together would be a great motivator because we get to catch up again after LOTE :)))

So maybe we could do a formstorm around it?

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I’d definitely want to apply. Not sure Armenia is eligible though. Let’s have a chat @Nadia?