Internet of Humans matchmaking event in Stockholm

This is shaping up to be quite an auspicious gathering. Every one of you has a fascinating story to tell. I hope you will elaborate more on your projects and ideas in other parts of this forum.

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Hello Alberto,

I look forward to meeting you (again) at the event.

Which book are you talking about, is it Swarmwise? If so, I should point out that it is not written by me, but by Rick Falkvinge (who founded the Swedish Pirate Party).

I like his book a lot, however, and I agree with more or less everything it says. I look forward to listening to your presentation of it and discussing it.

See you at Blivande!


Yes, Christian. I confused people: you and I met not in Stockholm but in Brussels, in the very early days of your mandate as MEP. The book is indeed Swarmwise. Apologies, and see you at the event!

Thanks for the invitation, I’ll come. I work with open science/open access to scholarly literature.


Great! Happy to have you join us.

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I very highly recommend this post by @zelf to everyone coming to the event:

Let’s try to get the ball rolling on a few other interesting conversations like this before the event, and we’ll really hit the ground running.


I got an invitation from @hugi and I intend to be there. I’m mostly interested in the human side of technology in general, and internet in particular, and there’s more information about me at


Welcome then! I will be there too, so see you there.

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Good news for those of you attending who are curious about our Fellowships with Bursaries for Human-Centric Internet builders! To apply for the fellowship you need to complete the following task:

And the good news is that this is one of the things we will be doing at the matchmaking event. This means that you can use your transcribed interview from the event for your application. Two birds, one stone.


I might not be able to, but I’d very much like to join in!

Developer with sprawling interests in… everything concerning understanding and helping humanity. Psychology, technology, complexity, spirituality, community, networks, philosophy. Maybe I’ll be lazy and give my LinkedIn profile as presentation

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Oh I was so excited to see Hugi’s post about this, it seems right up my alley. In fact, that could be my presentation - “Excitable”.
I haven’t had the attention to scrutinize all the conversation, perhaps not even register in proper time, but if you’ll have me I’ll be delighted to attend the extended event on Saturday!
Best regards
CJ - consultant in systems development etc


@questioneer and @unclecj, you are both most welcome!

I’m sorry to say it won’t work out this time. Looking forward to future events!

I would like to elaborate slightly on what I’m so excited about. Mainly I’m coming for the session with @alberto, but certainly I’m staying for the Internet of Humans workshop and the fiercely brilliant community.
As a technologist, reader and dabbling philosopher I went through the perhaps recognizable process from Internet awe (“Wikipedia will rescue Truth!”) to attention fatigue. There a couple of years ago Alexander Bard, Joi Ito and Kevin Kelly saved me, and since then Susan Blackmore, Marshall McLuhan, Herbert Simon, Robin Dunbar, “Hanzi Freinacht” et al have kept me inspired.
Network effects, serendipity, conversations, meaning, the invitation from @hugi alerted me to that there may be others who walk these paths beside and ahead of me. Let’s see how I move past my awe this time.
Perhaps you’ll appreciate my humble, initial contribution “Meditation on group communication


Well recognized, @unclecj. Well recognized indeed.

I have a different pantheon (bar Herbert Alexander Simon), but I think I get the idea.

I am curious: is there a reason why you don’t mention topology? In network terms, your groups are perfect cliques, with everybody connected to everybody else by edges of equal weight representing communications. That is… a very specific configuration to require. Groups can scale much better if you allow for more flexibility in patterns of connectivity (local hubs, lattices, small world etc.).


Thanks. I imagine others would benefit from recognizing the same…

Looking forward to learning more about yours :slight_smile:

Precisely the question I hope you might elaborate on! Indeed I could rename my article “meditation on meetings”, I was mainly thinking of the communication happening around a single table. My intention was to establish a base case, driven by my personal hypersensitivity to quality of conversation and inspired by the late Ladislaus Horatius’ “Mindfulosophy”.
I touch on topology in “Dividing into smaller group can enable more participation and diverse conversations, but unless you can summarize and bring those thoughts back you lose out on the benefits of a large group of participants to begin with” and have seen (painfully) failed attempts to migrate existing large groups to sensible topologies… but yes, I very much look forward to your elaboration.

You make a good point in your essay, if I understand it correctly, that sometimes if you disagree with something someone says in a larger group conversation, it is often better to not feed it with your attention rather than take vocal issue with it, since often that leads to a tangent that can derail the main thrust of the conversation. In my experience this is useful in many, if not most cases.

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That’s definitely my preferred analysis, which may of course have its antithesis. The philosophy group that caused me to formulate these thoughts would get hijacked in almost surreal ways… on the other hand some of my most magically mindful meetings have been with Noden / Blivande, but that resilience seems carefully cultivated.

Having said that, there are abundant aspects of network society I have not formulated, and I may already have hijacked this thread or preempted the matchmaking event… Are we on a good track here, for a while mesmerizing ourselves with the power of network effects and memetics, or does @hugi or @alberto care to direct us some ahead of the event on Saturday? I’ll spend some time to read the material available, learn of founding principles etc… And will see most of you on Saturday!

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Hey guys, ahead of the Stockholm meetup you may want to have a look at this post as I think it can be helpful for the discussion. Maybe also help spread it around to your people so we can grow this conversation…


Wow! Not only does the amount of IPFS/Scuttlebutt/whatever experience in this group excite me, but timestamps… I was an early employee in Guardtime and learnt the innovative details of Ahto Buldas’ protocol. Let’s talk!