Internet of Humans matchmaking event in Stockholm

How great! We’ve actually looked at Cryptpad in Edgeryders, I think @alberto found it?

Indeed. It was discussed at the Forward kickoff meeting. :slight_smile: Welcome!

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I’d like to participate, I am however already part of an exhibition the same day so I may leave early as I distrust volunteers.

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:rofl: I feel you.

Guys I think this might be of interest for some of the people showing up at the event:

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I am really hoping to attend, if I can make the travel to Stockholm work!
I have previously introduced myself already, but I work at the intersection of decentralised governance and horizontal culture. I work with organisations and networks to help architect human, and technical, operating systems that work in a distributed, participatory way. I am a Member at Enspiral, Steward at Going Horizontal, and Core Team at DGOV Foundation for Distributed Governance. I also speak and advise on DAOs.

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Wow, added bonus. @phoebe, I think it was @hexayurt who suggested we meet, right? :slight_smile:

I’ll be there!
This is me:

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Thanks a lot for the invite. I will show up! /Åke

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Some more information about the event in Swedish. We would love some help to invite people that should be there.

Vad innebär det att bygga ett ‘internet of humans’?

Vi behöver alternativ till amerikanska företagsnät å ena sidan och kinesisk statlig kontroll å andra sidan.

Edgryders bygger en allians under de kommande tre åren för att leda bra initiativ från ord till handling genom att bygga konsortier och guida till finansiering. Alliansen är redan finansierad genom det stora projektet ‘Next Generation Internet’ i Horisont 2020, EU:s ramprogram för forskning och innovation.

Just nu finns det tre saker att agera på:

  1. Vi har ett smygstarts-event för inbjudna i Stockholm den 11 maj. Du är inbjuden, och registrering sker här:

  2. Vi söker ‘curator fellows’ med brinnande frågor som vill jobba med oss de kommande sex månaderna. Mer info om det här:

  3. Vi söker intressanta initiativ och personer som vill vara en del av alliansen de kommande åren. Tipsa oss gärna!

Internet of Humans är en allians av organisationer, företag, aktivister och utvecklare som samarbetar för att utveckla nya modeller för framtidens internet som bygger på öppenhet, integritet, samarbete över gränser, decentralisering och inkludering. Vi tar avstamp i projektet Next Generation Internet som för samman hundratals initiativtagare i hela Europa. Vi vill snabbt gå från ord till handling och målet är att under året forma starka konstellationer som kan söka pengar tillsammans för banbrytande projekt. Edgeryders har tagit fram metoder för att snabbt hitta nya infallsvinklar och unika frågeställningar.

Under de kommande två åren kommer Edgeryders ge stöd till alliansen genom att:

  • Utse fellow-curators, betalda för att samla ihop de mest intressanta initiativen och frågeställningarna och knyta dem samman

  • Hålla events, både offline och online, med syfte att skapa kopplingar mellan människor, projekt och idéer

  • Ge stöd i ansökningsprocessen genom tillgång till erfarna ansökningsskribenter

  • Samla ansökningsdatum och kriterier på en plattform där vi hjälper varandra förstå vad som efterfrågas

  • Vi kommer göra de första gemensamma ansökningarna redan i sommar, och sedan trappa upp i höst och vinter

@guff, @fjallstrom, @jonas, @ashkan, @kristofer, @nadia, @erik_lonroth
If you want to help me and @mattiasx reach out, you can ping some relevant people in your networks.

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I intend to be present. I live within walking distance so it should not be difficult.
I am active within DFRI fighting for digital rights.

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Great, you are very welcome. Feel free to point people you think should be there towards this thread.

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I will attend.

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I’m in. :slight_smile:

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Timing is a tad bit tricky, but will do my best to make it work. Will keep you updated.

Somewhat relevant current project:

/Björn Nauclér

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We’ve started having video calls with participants to do little interviews. Zenna interviewed @mattiasx today, and he interviewed her. Then Mattias got the transcript of his own words and edited it into a post, which you can read here:

These interviews and the posts they generate will inform the tracks of the event on May 11th.

Who would like to go next?

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Before the main event, @alberto will give a session on how we in Edgeryders use collective intelligence.

Albertos session starts at 13:00, and the main event starts at 14:00.

How can we structure online conversations to build powerful collective intelligence? What tools would we need to be able to navigate our networks of collective intelligence as well as we navigate our own thoughts, experiences and opinions?

Edgeryders have developed tools and methods with this in mind, drawing upon digital ethnography, semantic social network analysis and online community management practices.

In this workshop we’ll give you an interactive demonstration of our tools with real data, talk about how increased collision rates and dense networks accelerate innovation and inspire you to think about how to find unknown solutions to hidden problems. You will learn about the bleeding edge of large scale digital ethnography and sense making through Semantic Social Network Analysis.

Ping @anton, @fjallstrom, @jonas, @matshenricson, @helioloureiro, @ella, @erik_lonroth, @kristofer, @ansuz, @rebeca, @ashkan, @jonasjohansson, @guff, @akenyg, @Peer

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Hi @hugi. Thanks for the kind words.
I think I’ve moved from being fascinated to feeling more or less fed up with the ideologies and products coming from the valley. A process over the last ten years or so, where the internet I grew up on got replaced by social media products that are affecting me and people around me in ways I don’t like.

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Very interesting indeed, I want to attend.

I was a Member of the European Parliament for the (Swedish) Pirate Party 2009-2014. As an MEP I focused almost exclusively on issues related to the free and open internet, such as copyright reform and trying to limit mass surveillance.

I became a political activist in 2004 over the EU directive on Software Patents, and have been ever since. I find it truly amazing and fascinating how a swarm of activists, working together over the internet, can succeed in both understanding the very complicated EU legislative process, and changing its outcome.

I am convinced that we are right now witnessing the emergence of a collective intelligence (or multiple collective intelligences) in the form of swarm(s) of activists.

If this is indeed the case, I think that this will (hopefully) be the future of democracy in the EU, enabling citizens to take an active part. The EU legislative process is too complicated for a single citizen to really understand and follow. But a swarm of citizens can do it, as we have demonstrated several times in the last 15 years, and will hopefully demonstrate again.

/Christian Engström

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Thanks for the invite Hugi, I’ll see you there!

Short intro: Developer / Designer / Front End Wizard :sparkles:
Mishmash + Blimp :rocket:

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