Internetdagarna interviews - introduction by pualstalkwasgreat

Tell us about yourself? What are you working on and why are you at Internetdagarna?

I work in a media agency. What I do pretty much all day is to do target advertising towards consumers. Internet Stiftung is a source of internet consumption behaviour. They are a source of information for us. Using their data as a source for strategy.
I am a bit double because I use the data but at the same time it is a huge challenge.

When did something related to the internet last make you hopefull or happy?

I can’t really tell a specific moment. But I mean like every other person getting happy about seeing things my friends do and how they live their life.

Artificial intelligence is exciting and they can help people with a lot of the issues we are facing. We just need to find a way to use it ethically.

Ethical AI for me is really different because it means different things for different people. Does one thing mean the same thing for everyone. We need to have a discussions before people take action on new AI.

I read something about the latest Ebola outbreak, if Google could have opened the data and use the Google searches for detection like this.

When did something related to the internet last make you upset, afraid or angry?

Just what I saw today. Paul speaking about Fake News and specifically how Sweden is portrayed in other countries. Sweden has been a leader in progressive values and therefore demonised it.

I see that it creates distrust and makes me a little bit worried.

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