Intro and theme song

Hey everyone! My name is Hugi, I’m fairly new in the community.

Originally from Iceland, but I’ve spent most of my life in Stockholm, Sweden.
I’m currently working with @nadia and @alberto on Recode, but have been following news on the house in Morocco and will be visiting there in a couple of weeks.

My life is split between a few different areas:

  1. A lot of my time recently has gone towards organising participatory culture spaces and events in Scandinavia. Specifically, I’m on the board of the community space the Node in Stockholm, on the board of the Borderland event.

  2. I freelance as a software developer, mainly working web dev, but I’ve also worked in analytics and with databases. I’m also involved in a few open-source software projects related to participatory culture and organisations. They are aptly named Dreams and Realities.

  3. Sometimes, I also do work in organisational consulting or with setting up structures for co-creative processes and events. Some of this is art related, which is a field I love working in.

  4. Sometimes I get caught up in politics. In 2006, I was one of the founding members of the Swedish Pirate Party, and was the first chairman of its youth organisation, but I’ve not been directly involved with the Swedish pirates since 2008, though I keep in touch with them. In 2016 I was one of four election campaign managers for the Icelandic Pirate Party. In 2017, there were elections again, and I went back for a month then too. I’ve also been involved in the Alter Ego network. Occasionally, I write about politics.

  5. Recently, many of my interests (analytics, politics, participatory) have converged in working on getting Edgeryders Recode off the ground.

  6. My educational background is in biotechnology/bioinformatics engineering.

I’m happy to have joined such an awesome network! My friend proposed this theme song for EdgeRyders:


Hey @hugi
welcome here :smiley: I am hazem one of the edgeryders community and part of the openvillage team.

Waiting to see you in Morocco.

I am interested in participatory governance / participatory urban planning, currently on the side I am preparing a proposal for some urban interventions in Hurghada in Egypt, would be nice to have a chat about your experience with with this. basically there is no digital layer for the first stages it is mainly done physical on the ground at the first stages but would be nice to experiment with some digital platform in later stages, hopefully integrated with the openvillage network vision.

also would like you to meet @Yosser she is working now in initiating ourGhema a cultural space in Medenine, the social innovation camp is one of the starting activities. Also @zmorda I guess is interested in managing cultural and coworking spaces.


@hugi, the theme song is a really nice touch. Welcome aboard, looking forward to what you guys are cooking up in Stockholm.

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Nice to hear from you @hugi and I do love Hudson Mohawke I must say (nice one there).

It’s great to get to hear more on you - as I work closely with @alberto on the research network and increasingly more with @nadia on big picture strategy, I’ve been following from the wings what you’re up to with Recode, exciting stuff.

I totally hear you around life covering a few different areas - one of the things I love about the ER community is that’s the way for many of us! For example, right now I’d say my work/life/learning voyages are connecting across strategy, participatory development, open and networked futures, decolonisation, civic media, process philosophy, collective intelligence, community partnerships, radical pedagogy, alter economies, and queer life (but these words are indeed just words and it’s all about what actually happens!). Incidentally, among other things I also work with participatory culture and actually just presented at the participatory culture in governance conference in Rijeka last month (you can read more from my post on that here).

Anyway, I’m new to Edgeryders myself, although I have dived in deep, and look forward to learning and making shit happen with you as things continue. Right now I write from Medenine where with @noemi @matthias @zmorda @Yosser @Sohayeb and others we’ve just finished the social innovation camp. It was just amazing and I’m feeling full of the energy, passion and curiosity of this community and its young leaders! You can follow it’s aftermath in the OpenVillage Sawa category if you’re interested.

I may be up in Stockholm mid-January for some colleagues work with the Economic Space Agency and the Moderna Museet i Stockholm (info here), so I’ll get in touch if I make it there and hopefully we can meet in person.

Until then, sending the warmth of this Tunisian sun, and in solidarity :blush:


Hi @hugi! I’m late to the party, yet very happy to meet you. I read your post on Iceland’s Bright Future and the Pirate Party, interesting distinction between value based and ideological politics - it really seems there is a space open for the conversations RECODE initially aimed to foster to zoom in on how effective policies (or lack thereof) play out in citizens lives. I know the project is taking new spins… so curious what we make of it. Let me know if you need help wandering on the platform :wink:

And see you soon I hope,

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