Invitation to a project: Museum of Corruption



Dear Noemi,

Thank you for the invitation to join. As far as the Romanian project is concerned I was referring to . To tell you the truth, this site did not change much since my last visit 2 years ago. I wrote an email to similar initiative by some Romanian academics but never received a reply from them. I am not so sure that both are not the same thing. I wish to believe that it led to demonstrations against laws that allow high level corruption few years ago in Bucharest. I didn`t know if the Romanian project was affiliated to a party politics, I thought it was some kind of original web site designers effort to visualize human wickedness.

I was very pleased to see that an artist I met briefly in South Africa long time ago, Anton Kannemeyer made a comic book like - alphabet of corruption.

There is also a Chinese artist and filmmaker Zhang Bingjian who did an interesting art project, also few years ago.

In comparison to these projects, our Museum of Corruption tends to be more ambitious, to be interdisciplinary and to have a greater outreach. Then again, we were faced with so many obstacles even during the initial phase that we realized we have to start small. At the moment, we are doing a research for one case to be exhibited this year. We are to search for philosophers (ethics), anthropologists, sociologists and art theoreticians/historians first, to conceptualize museum departments, I briefly labeled as Corrupted – 1. Language 2. Culture 3. Institution 4. Personality 5. Data 6. Time etc, etc. To be able to treat the phenomenon of corruption from various angles we need partner who think differently from us. I have my fingers crossed that edgeryders will be that partner. All the best, Goran Denic


No, in my honest opinion the site was more the outcome of public debates at the time and a way for the Union Save Romania (one of the more progressive parties) to build their political platform. At the time, they were going through their first elections. But i’d have to research some more - i just think positioning is very important for the signals one wants to send.

Natalia should know better, but it seems that what Edgeryders can do is assemble one of the departments with a standalone methodology: debate and conversations for citizen co-creation, using the forum and offline events to assemble teams who can deliver high quality exhibits for that department. I can see Culture or Data to be most relevant… from your list. Anyway, we’ll have time to talk more, and you and Natalia should have the final say int he partnership anyway. Looking forward!


Dear all, I spoke to Gereon Rahnfeld from Liquid Democracy. Please read part of his e mail:

“Your project sounds very interesting and we would be happy to talk with you about possibilities to apply for grants / funding…Liquid Democracy is a non profit organisation which is focused on developing software in the realm of digital participation (eParticipation). In the way I understand your proposal digital participation will play an important role in the project. Is there already a specific idea on how this should work or is this supposed to be developed between us?”

Besides developing Museum of Corruption platform and application/game for creating exhibits (to involve audience to participate in content creation) what else could the project benefit with Liquid Democracy as a partner?

Our previous partners ZETA Gallery from Tirana, Albania and AREADNE Life long learning center from Kalamata, Greece are still team members.

Could anyone please give me some hint on talk with Gereon, besides site building and gamification. I know that Edgeryders are great for urban games, perhaps something in that direction?

Looking forward to your suggestions.


This does sound fantastic. Really interested to see where it goes next. I think there’s some scope for us to lead on this. But also, lets not spread ourselves too thin. What’s the expected timeline on this? When would we be looking to start?


Dear Alex, thanks for the encouragement. Let`s first build solid partnerships, with clear objectives, pros and cons of every team member. Deadline is 1st september for civil society and then Creative Europe collaboration projects


Dear all, I spoke yesterday to people from Liquid democracy, they agreed to be partners. I sent them link to this portal hopefully we will have them on board next week.