Invitation to a project


Hey hey!

I just got an invitation to partner with a project on a museum of corruption - for now, they’re looking at Europe for Citizens funding, not huge amounts, but it might be mature for Creative Europe by winter. I see a lot of space for this on our platform as well - let me know what you think, meanwhile I’m discussing it with the person from came up with the idea and wants us to join.

Here is the description:

Museum of Corruption (MoC) is an interdisciplinary platform for researching, contextualizing and displaying a virtual collection of corruption mechanisms. Apart from generating and showing its exhibits online, MoC is also physically present in various geographical, political and cultural contexts.

By means of contemporary museology, MoC reframes the notion of corruption from abuse of power to moral inability of individual to put the wellbeing of the community above their own interest. By thematising corruption, the project intends to redefine the concept of the museum as a place where art is collected and exhibited by promoting it into a cultural laboratory of controversial social phenomena.

ZMUC aims at fighting corruption by collecting corruption (or acts of corruption). As an initiative it has conducted numerous projects aiming at deconstructing the term of corruption and the mechanisms of its workings, with a goal of creating a data-base of corruptive practices.

Following up on the idea of museums as “cemeteries of art” (as held by Malevich, Soviet Avant-Garde, Italian Futurism). i. e. the places where art ceases to exist by being displaced from real-life contexts, the project intends to, by manipulating the notion of corruption, museum and contemporaneity, move corruption from real-life situations into a museum setting – and burry it there.


Sounds great. Keep me in the loop for sure


Archives of political bullshit artefacts would be nice :slight_smile:


Absolutely, and it only enriches our discussion on populism :wink:


Hi. It’s an interesting project, I know Goran Denic & ZMUC, he’d invited me to participate with ENTROPIA in it sometime ago. Glad that’s again on the move!


Visited this one in Prizren (Kosovo) a few years back during the Dokufest, quite an experience! It was supported by the UNDP