IT development plan for the H2020 projects


For archiving coded content, we can create / extend the export script so that it looks for audio / video content referenced in Discourse posts, and if that content has codings associated to it, it would download the raw content by calling a command-line tool like youtube-dl.




As an update from the development side: as of yesterday, this feature is ready and deployed on by @daniel. Means, ethnographers can now translate (own or others’) code names in as many languages as they like. They will see code names in their preferred language (which is now obligatory, else it errors). If the code name is not yet translated into their preferred language, they will see it in English, and if not available in English, then in the language that the code was created in originally.

This feature also introduces a small API change in codes.json, which should be self-explanatory for the time being (example), and there is now also a new API endpoint languages.json that simply lists the available languages for code names.

I still have to update the formal documentation to cover this new feature. Also, don’t care about the look & feel for now: it’s not better or worse than the rest of Open Ethnographer, and we will get to it when we are done with the whole multimedia coding feature (as that is a deliverable) and can start to work on usability improvements.


We are now starting the work on the multimedia coding feature, first on the one part where the requirements are (I think) clear already: image coding. This will allow selecting a rectangular element of an embedded image with the mouse and adding codes just as one would add a codes to selected text usually.

@alberto, @amelia and anyone you two want to involve: If you have input for us for image coding, and esp. if you have input / requirements / ideas for audio and video coding, the last chance for that is a discussion we can have about now. Otherwise we will implement things as I proposed above (see bullet point “Multimedia coding” there).


@alberto I guess we should talk about that and start to work on it …


Yep. Friday?


Yes. Friday early afternoon (≤14:00) and later in the evening (≥19:00) should both be ok.