January deadline, organisation of the webinar

Sounds good! Accepted the Friday 14th invite. I will be travelling, but should be able to connect.

Questions + stuff I’d like to discuss:

1. Presentation: We now have most of the original content plan sorted. Hygge (thanks, @Joriam), the Assembly, and Libria are in complete first-draft status. I’m fleshing out the Covenant, since @alberto did the economy piece on that many moons ago: that’s 4/5.

With the extensive History post, that makes it 5/5 posts; I’d really like Avantgrid in there for 6/5 - @hugi? Can you show me enough of Avantgrid so we can ninja it? :stuck_out_tongue:

What I originally wanted to do was what I think of as a stitching run: to take all the material and connect them to each other (especially dates of our fictional history, and add a few more hints of what @alberto and I thought of as the conflict zones - where the boundaries of these different ideals, represented by different Distrikts mix).

Now, after seeing the shape and structure that our thinking has followed (and especially the beautiful art and the gorgeous booklet), I would like to stitch it all together as a “Tourist’s Guide to Witness”, in the same vein that wikitravel is for backpackers. Thus it fits very neatly into both the booklet and the wiki structure.

2. Contribution: While we do that act of stitching, IMO we should all look for those ideas that we got from the participants of our first webinar and aggregate them into clusters of similar ideas. Those clusters we can reveal at the webinar, as microDistrikts, and invite participants to start imagining them and how they might grow!

Now there are many neat hooks from our core to bringing everyone else into the project: either to modify and contribute to the core, or literally spin up their own Distrikts and see how they interact with what we’ve set in place. This feeds very nicely into @MariaEuler’s participation map. How shall we pull this off? Who does what?

Would love to discuss.


Great. Friday 29, 14 CET it is.

Here is the link for the Zoom meeting and I will prepare a short agenda for then:

ID de réunion : 864 2593 5137
Code secret : 814375

@joriam, you ran away with the ball :slight_smile: but I have actually not received any invites / events from you.
To avoid double booking, I will send a calendar link with these coordinates to all.

Speak soon

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Oh, you did good! I created the event just to be proactive, but I didn’t have all the contacts. You’re the right person to do it.
I deleted my event so it’s not confusing.

You didn’t see my even though? gosh, I prolly invited some other (very confused) Ivan accidentally hahaha sorry about that!

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no worries, it happens sometimes. I should ask the platform boss if I can change my nick to “ivan” since it is not in use anymore

The project that was going to be set in Avantgrid didn’t get funded so it’s a little on ice, basically, the development that happened is what I wrote already. Do you think it’s still cool to have in there, even though it’s maybe not tying into anything? If so, I can put up some notes - I just need to convert them from the bullet points and half-finished sentences they are currently in.

Absolutely! If you look at the Assembly (The Assembly of People) you will note that it’s right next to Avantgrid, which meant it was formed after Avantgrid arrived and docked:

… CTRL+ALT+REVOLUTION announced a “mass walkout” which would have led a mob of some three thousand into Distrikt 1 territory and to the grounds of Newton’s Folly, the building that was now serving as both Denton’s office and meeting grounds for various exchanges between Distrikt 1, 2, 3 and Avantgrid. The walkout was instead turned into a founding expedition when the State Machine sanctioned a new microDistrikt next to the Avantgrid infrastructure and the newly-formed Libria.

It would be very cool to have Avantgrid in - because it would represent that kind of energy-frugal all-sustainable living that may turn out far more resilient in the long run. I’ve been watching videos like these (and planning my own off-grid house) to get a handle on the challenges that people might face:

So yes. Please scribble down whatever you’ve got and let’s make it a thing.

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I know well the original ivan. I Asked him if I could change his username, and he agreed. So now you can log in to communities.edgeryders.eu and change your own username to ivan.

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Works for me

A short agenda:

Purpose: touch base with the team & organisation of the worldbuilding webinar :

  • end February, beginning March
  • prepare promotional campaign:
    • outreach lists and material – booklets, graphic novel, Joriam a new video

@yudhanjaya’s ideas:

  • stitch materials, art and the booklet together as a Tourist Guide to Witness - wikitravel for backpackers
  • look for ideas we got from the participants of the first webinar, create clusters of similar ideas. Show them at the webinar as microDistrikts,invite participants to start imagining them and how they might grow

other things to add?

updates and plans:


and talks with FdcM and FEBEA A possibility of collaboration ER - FdCM - FEBEA

Thank you all (@yudhanjaya, @joriam, @alberto, @nadia, @hugi, @bojanbobic, @MariaEuler, @lidiazuin) for the yesterday’s meeting.

Here are the bullet points & things we have agreed on :

Where we are : Covenant, Assembly & Libria – shaped, Hygge needs polishing, Avantgrid in arrival, booklet & graphic novel ready

What we need to do:

  • prepare “History of Wintess” in the wiki form
  • conclude the other articles
  • prepare the presentation of the material and the mini website

Presentation of the material:

Webinar to be organised on 9 March 2021 (almost on the Ides, Caesar will not mind)

  • shaped as an introduction to the process and not its conclusion – purpose: get the community in the common mindspace (@joriam)
  • invitations to the participants and people who have already expressed interest plus widen the range

It provides an entry point to the world and produces a clear call to action:

We need to:

  • create a conclusive funnel with clear references and contacts («call a human» principle). Its proposed tasks:
  1. Introduce oneself topic : helps to get a grip on what skills people have
  2. Witnesspedia entry edits
  3. Comments to Witnesspedia entries : debate on the existing entries, proposal of new entries, distrikt and non distrikt proposals
  4. Put an accent on currencies (might become a big deal – worth playing around a bit)
  5. Non-text contributions : illustrations, videos, music, data visualisations, fictional economics papers
    References here.
  • produce a landing page with the explanantions – connects directly to the History of Witness and includes a paragraph on why of the project (@alberto)
  • prepare the wiki with illustrations
  • define the aspects of the promotional campaign (@nadia and @IvanC)
  • use the contributions already on the platform and provide feedback to ideas and questions of the community


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I’m working on this website right now, which will be ready tonight, but still need these texts and materials.

I made the category public now since I need it for the website, which will show the articles, using the Discourse topics as a CMS. However, I still need the text for this which I thing @alberto or @yudhanjaya were going to write if I’m not mistaken?

Basically, the content that will go on the landing page of the Witnesspedia & Worldbuilding sessions website.

@IvanC, can you give me access to the folder with all illustrations that went into the graphic novel pdf? I want to use them for the website.

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@IvanC, @alberto, @yudhanjaya, @Joriam - there is a slight bug that is preventing the website from going up. Basically, we need to take care of a few edge-cases for formatting between Discourse and the website generator. Should not take too long, and also leaves us time to come up with that text for the landingsite.

@yudhanjaya - you might have noticed that I have added some additional syntax to The History of Witness. This is to prepare that post to be served to the website generator that turns Discourse posts into minisites. Stand by while we are working it out.

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(Moved the topic to the workspace, so we can keep the Witnesspedia cat for, well, the Witnesspedia).

On it today.

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It’s coming along. Still need to fix some bugs and issues - likely online on Wednesday night or Thursday morning if all goes well.

I first thought that we would only have the History on the website, but I think we should add other pages too as they reach maturity.

This will also help us keep track of canon while still being very tolerant of new pages being posted in the Witnesspedia. What gets lifted up to the website is what is considered mature canon.


Its looking pretty :slight_smile:

you should check with @yudhanjaya the images he posted were not under some copywriting of sort

Looking good, @hugi. I’ll sort out images today (if I’m not mistaken, we have replacements for my Townscaper originals) and see where I can help out with Avantgrid and Hygge edits.

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I actually find those quite evocative and effective illustrations of Denton’s utopianism. If we can keep them, I think it would be cool.

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If you feel like we should keep them

a) I can make more
b) we have permission from the creator of Townscaper to use them for the project!


I think I have some friends in common with that guy!