Problématique: Les coopératives marocaines du milieu rural ont besoin d’une solution créative pour commercialiser leurs produits .
Solution: une plateforme d’intermédiation entre toutes les coopératives du milieu rural et le consommateur final y compris les touristes pour commercialiser et mettre en valeur les produits locaux marocains ainsi que la création de l’emploi . @oubahaaya @Labiedzayneb

Hi Jihad,
I commented your team mates with some questions for you all to answer to help you develop your ideas further. Here some more input for you…

Before you move into a space, it is important to know very well who else is in the market, and how you can solve problems for them - you need to find out where you can actually be useful - and be open to the fact that it might not be where you had initially imagined.

Could you tell me about why you feel agriculture is badly managed in your community/country? Why are people using chemicals in their agriculture and are there examples you can find of farms where this is currently not the case or where they are managing the agricultural process better? Also - It is important to contact groups, associations and existing platforms are currently trying to change the situation in your country - go have tea with one of more of them to understand what they themselves are struggling with.

Perhaps also look at this: Concept with farmers' markets for a short food supply chain

also you will find other members of the community who are working on similar issues in different parts of the world and can maybe help you to develop your solutions, or possibly even collaborate with you