Kombucha shaping & colouring

So I’ve been growing a few batches of kombucha.
One batch was when I saw it completely covered in green powdered mold. I thought the batch was completely ruined. But then when I took out the grown kombucha the top mold layer just come of completely. The kombucha had grown in three layers. The two bottom layers where absolutely fine, quite thin. And then the top layer was covered with the mold. But because it was in a powders form, I think that if I would have waited a bit longer the top layer would have grown thick enough and it also would have been fine.

(In this picture the mold hasn’t completely spread, this was just the start)

To see how best to colour the kombucha I’m testing 3 different ways.

  1. I just ‘painted’ the kombucha with food colouring.

  1. I laid an already grown peace in a bath of water and food colouring.

  2. Then I also am growing kombucha, where I already added the colour to the thee from the beginning.

I’m also testing the colouring when I first added hydrogen peroxide to the kombucha. So that it will turn white. Then I will also use the two first techniques you can read in the above.

To test my paperpulp idea or plan to create a shape in the kombucha, I first tested to shape one piece by drying it on top of a 3D shape (in this case a lid)

Then the paperpulp side I also testes buy placing different pieces on top of a 3D form (another lid)
Because when I did the first test, I learned that the kombucha stuck quite bad to the lid a now places a piece of plastic over the shape before placing the pieces kombucha on top. If anyone has any suggestions how to stop this, always welcome.


On one of my very first kombucha sheets I also had a ton of green mold! But I ended up drying it with the green mold still attached and it became a panther printed sheet of bio leather :joy:

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Hi Hi,
I have been brewing Kombucha and a whole batch got a powdery mold on top.
I did get a basic layer thickness in some of them. The Kombucha stopped growing after it got mold. It did not have much strength and some tore while soaping.

Did you discard the liquid of the mold Kombucha or reuse it?

Best, Nitya

If you are careful when removing the moldy scoby, you should be able to reuse the liquid. Just make sure not spores etc. fall into the liquid and throw away the moldy piece carefully. If you spread eg. the spores of the mold in your room, it will be harder to work cleanly for next attempts.

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