Le programme: where is it?

Hi @reef-building, I am looking for the spreadsheet with Le programme: the desiderata of each household.

On NextCloud I see a generic document, but no data. The document mentions a Google Form to collect the data, but the responses appear to not have been shared, and I myself do not have access to them via Google.

Can you help me find that spreadsheet, please? Thanks!

Hi @alberto, sadly, Team Building has drastically changed since Jolan led that “task force”. I found the related thread but the link (at the bottom) doesn’t work anymore…
(I thought the data collected then was worthless now because most of the people who filled in the survey are not part of the group anymore?)

Ok, but then let’s send an email to Jolan to ask him to transfer ownership of the Google form?

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Done. Also, there are some aggregated data in that file after all. If (big if) we consider those data to be still more or less indicative, we could give them to the architects, and see what they say. But I am having second thoughts, because at the time the average unit’s size was not so much smaller than 100 m2, so… it remains to check for inflation, evolution in material prices etc.