List of events July-December 2019

These are the upcoming events until the end of the year which Edgeryders is either organising or has an active role in. The post is made wiki so please update/modify accordingly. If you wish to change the format of this let me know.

  • 10/7 - Platforms, precarious work and the public good. Can platforms empower workers?
    Type: discussion
    Category: public
    Location: Brussels
    Organisers: The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
    Stakeholders: policy makers; academics
    Edgeryders role: @nadia participating in the session “platforms for the public good”

  • 18-21/7 - DWeb Camp
    Type: camp
    Category: public
    Location: San Francisco, California
    Organisers: DWeb, Internet Archive
    Stakeholders: developers, hackers, makers, activists
    Edgeryders role: @zelf tbc

  • 8-15/8 - BornHack
    Type: camp
    Category: public
    Location: Funen island, Denmark
    Organisers: BornHack
    Stakeholders: hackers, makers, politicians, activists, developers, artists, sysadmins, engineers
    Edgeryders role: @hugi @zelf proposed a workshop, tbc

  • 21-25/8 - Chaos Communication Camp
    Type: camp
    Category: public
    Location: Mildenberg, Germany
    Organisers: Chaos Computer Club e. V.
    Stakeholders: hackers
    Edgeryders role: @nadia @hugi @zelf holding outreach events

  • 25-27/09 - My Data
    Type: Conference
    Category: public
    Location: Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Finland
    Organisers: My Data Global
    Stakeholders: experts from business, legal, tech and society sectors
    Edgeryders role: @alberto participating in a panel on collective intelligence. Panel chair is Loretta Anania (EU Commission).

  • 18-20/10 - Radical Networks
    Type: conference
    Category: public
    Location: New York
    Organisers: Radical Networks
    Stakeholders: artists, activists, lawyers, engineers, writers, policy makers, educators, scientists, journalists, community organizers, cyberfeminists, self-taught technologists, and others.
    Edgeryders role: @hugi proposed a talk, tbc

  • 1/11 (tbc) - Deep Green Tech
    Type: workshop
    Category: public
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Organisers: Edgeryders in partnership with Extinction Rebellion
    Stakeholders: technologists, hackers, researchers
    Edgeryders role: workshop co-design, community management

  • 19/11 - AI and Internet infrastructure vs. equality and justice
    Type: meetup
    Category: public
    Location: DigitYser, Brussels
    Organisers: Edgeryders in partnership with DigitYser
    Stakeholders: policy makers; tech & hacker scene
    Edgeryders role: @nadia @alberto

  • 25-26/11 - Internet Days
    Type: conference
    Category: public
    Location: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
    Organisers: The Swedish Internet Foundation
    Stakeholders: professionals, policy makers and journalists
    Edgeryders role: Exhibition booth to drive engagement to the platform and NGI conversation @hugi

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Also - Zenna is going to be at

18th of July - DWeb in California around the 

8th to 15th of August - Bornhack 

21th to 25th, August - CCCamp

tagged Zenna in those events and added the DWeb. What I need from all of you is to fill-in the missing info for each event so that I can add it to the official NGI calendar for the consortium.

I filled in some about Dweb - turns out I know some of the organizers.

great thanks! do you have the information on what role Zenna will have at the event?

I think she is just attending but I can ask her.

In this case it won’t go to the consortium spreadsheet since we put there only the things we are organising or participating in as speakers, workshop leaders etc.


@marina: This list-style event format unfortunately does not work for our setup to publish events from this category to (details). Can you please split it into individual topics, one per event, and with a picture each. As an example, I contributed a topic for the first event.

Deep green tech workshopestakeolders: technologists, hackers, researchers
Edgeryders role: workshop co-design, community management
Location: Berlin

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Hmm so there is no way to have everything in one place? I think it is much easier to have an overview rather than opening ten different threads. I can in addition do separate posts but keep somewhere the timeline, or a summary like this.

@hugi can you describe what will you be doing (Edgeryders role) at the BornHack and the Radical Networks events?

Is it enough to say outreach, or does it need to be more specific? I’m exactly sure yet.

what it really means? you are just attending and looking for interesting people or you are intervening in a way - as a speaker for example

I have applied to do a talk at Radical Networks and and will also submit a proposal for a workshop at Bornhack, but neither are confirmed yet.

ok great, so I won’t put that it’s confirmed

Sure, that’s not a problem. You can for example keep this topic as the summary, keep it in this Events category, and link from it to the individual topics with more details. The only important thing is that for every event there is a topic with the event’s date and time.

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If there are any new events you want to include in the calendar (or updates on these above) please let me know so that I can update in the official calendar before the end of the week when it will be shared with the PO. @nadia @hugi @zelf

Also, @zelf did you attend this event?

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She did. I met her for coffee soon after. Lots of Scuttlebutt community members were there.

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