List of events July-December 2019

@hugi any updates on these two events? From now on there is a template to be filled-in for the coordinator containing more information.

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I ended upp skipping Bornhack.
I’m leaving for CCC on Wednesday morning.
What’s in the template?

I also skipped Bornhack, also heading to CCC on Wednesday!

Hugi, I’ll add you to the ssb group chat if you’re not already in too :sparkles:

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I uploaded the form on our Drive, you can find it here. This is to be filled in for the events we are organizing or those in which we have workshops or presentations relevant for NGI. For each of them a short report will be needed afterwards. If this is the case for CCC please fill it in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, will do. Where do I put it once I’ve filled it in?

We can use the same folder where the template is (“outreach events”), NGI team drive