Location scouting for OpenVillage in Morocco!!



Anas in not on ER platform, just add me on FB and I will connect you https://www.facebook.com/anna.kamay


so it seems that we have a good combination, a beautiful coastal small town near a bigger city… looking good. (Y)


Wow … very nice find :heart_eyes: Just looked around in the area on the web and Google Maps for a time. Climate seems nice all-year-round. The Sidi Kaouki settlement seems quite dispersed (which is good – more space!), and agriculture seems possible (also good – but what do they grow there?). Saw quite some unused and / or degraded land as well though, with remains of former agricultural usage.

When looking around for a place, could you esp. look for opportunities among farmhouses, incl. some land? We’ll not need that immediately, but having more open space is always nice, and in the medium term I’d definitely be interested in various agricultural ideas. If the land is degraded, it’s ok (and probably much cheaper), allowing us to try some ecosystem restoration techniques …


On the contrary, photos are much appreciated @unknown_author. Keep’em coming :slight_smile:


Gosh. I guess that’s it then :slight_smile:


let’s do it


Glad all worked out for Sidi Kaouki/Essaouira combination I was hoping for. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else.