Location scouting in Sidi Kaoiki

In this thread we are looking at different options for an OpenVillage House in Sidi Kaouki, Morocco.

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Ok let’s do it. @hazem or @zmorda could you call this man after chatting/coordinating with Laurel? Or maybe even travel down in person?

@matthias when were you planning on heading down again?

Planning to go in October. I have a pile of work to be done before though, getting higher by the day :expressionless: So don’t yet count on me being there at any certain date. If there’s a real need for my presence though, I will travel to Essaouira Airport before.

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Might not be a bad idea to go and scout with Laurel…check out the place etc.

@hazem that sounds like you then.

I agree with @unknown_author we need to be on the ground and negotiate, for me I was planning to be in Egypt from the 25th of August till around 20th of September.

not sure is it late to be there by then, shall I start to touch base via phone at least …

Yeah, @unknown_author @nadia you better get a local friend to do the negotiations for you and to make sure you get the bureaucracy / legal stuff done right(so that you don’t get evicted after a week there for example), otherwise even if you speak Arabic, you will still be treated as a foreigner…Darija is needed! I could do that but I need a visa to get to Morocco…can get it in a week…

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My personal comment about this candidate house: I really like the looks, and I don’t mind having this as our initial base for 1-2 months before November, if there’s a need and people feel this is suitable.

For the real solution however I really think we can’t use tourist housing … we really need something “more industrial”: with workshop and warehouse space, ideally with farmland, good for rough & tough projects. No need for the beachfront, can be somewhat inland.

Yalla let’s go @iriedawta ! Can you make it timewise for end of August/early to mid september? :))

Aahh, @nadia, I wish! Have been considering this tonight, but I guess it’s better cost-wise if I suggest someone local (a colleague or friend) who could cope with the task…I’m applying for a schengen visa now and not sure when I will have my passport back from the embassy, then off to Karabagh for a few days and then on to Vienna for a training. I’m back to Armenia to help a french film crew on the ground all September…hustling full time quoi

I agree with Matt that something 'industrial" is needed, but it doesn’t have to be a factory. It needs adequate electrical power, a good concrete floor, heavy duty sinks with good water supply, easy to clean after making a mess, plenty of room to work, store stuff…things like that.

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You might call it Open Air Village…

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Wahhh this is delightful! My heart is too full for words <3 my two worlds coming together!

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Ok, but this does not really solve any of our problems. :slight_smile:


It saves some future ones having seen the state its in :slight_smile: @hazem when are you heading down?

My impression of Sidi Kaouki is that by opting for this we are firmly in the tourist economy when it comes to revenue for covering costs of offering room and board for fellows/residents.So this means whatever we choose has to be attractive from this perspective.

Mustapha’s place neither had nor has any relevance for the residency or festival. (It may become its own independent OpenVillage house in due time.)

So what about the two houses from the start of this thread – are they suitable for doing the residency there, or do we have to look for something else?