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Interesting project you have

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your welcome and response. Interesting project you have. I can understand that is a lot of effort. Are you doing this alone and where do you get the input from?

Can you give a short example of an experience in the use of P2P resources, to fully understand what you want to cover with this guide? thanks.

Although i am using a lot of p2p platforms, it is still hard to use them for personal life at the moment for me too, so get that point! :slight_smile:



(Oops, nearly missed your reply nearly.) About the EarthOS document, it’s just a personal project so far but I would welcome to host it on a collaborative platform instead, as it gets too much stuff to handle alone. It grew out of defining my own ideal personal equipment combined with being a big fan of free and open source solutions. It’s like an organized link collection that arises from random expeditions on the Internet … :smiley:

For an example, take the case of open source 3D printing. RepRap, Makerbot etc. are great technology, and it’s easy to find all the stuff I could print with them. But it’s very hard to find somebody with the experience to tell me if and how I can integrate 3D printing in my toolset so that it’s indeed a contribution to self-sufficiency and an alternative economy, and not just tinkering around. Ultimately everyboy has to find out on their own as everyone’s life is different, but it would help a lot to be informed by a collection of stories how people found the role for 3D printing in their lives …

how i can Help?


since I am new , please tell me where i can help and what can i do.

For those who dont know me, My name is Christine, I am from Athens-Greece and  i am a member the Time Bank of Athens.

take a look in our website


and our spot…both are in greek lol…but i am sure you will understand

Last October Time Bank of Athens was one of the organisers of the 1st Alternative Festival of Solidarity and Cooperative Economy that happened in Athens and generally I have an experience in organising festivals and events.

I also Know people from the majority of the Greek initiatives so I can help in communication and promotion.

I think Berlin it will be a great place for the next meeting.

It is a city fool of life and i think it will be easy there to find places for the event and for sleeping.

But what exactly are we going to discuss there?

and when the above teams are going to work?

sorry for asking but as i am new i need to take a look at the website and understand what the edgeryders have done so far and what is the purpose of the next meeting!

If anyone can help me and explain me a few things…it will be great!

If this is to happen in the end of August we have to start working!

I am ready for work!!! :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to meet you all guys!!!

Greetings from Athens

t=0 we’re building this as we go

Christine, hi! nice to meet you here as well and thanks David for making the introductions on fb  :)

So getting you up to speed: We’re a crowd with members all across Europe, interested in a wide range of things: from alternative ways of living and working, to sustainable agriculture and new tools for civic participation, especially facilitated by new ICT, and art. Edgeryders started out first as a project funded by the Council of Europe, and now we’re on our own. The info Nadia posted above is from the first event we had in Strasbourg last June. Then we met in Brussels last December, and now we want to keep on doing it… but build it together from scratch (you saw the poll with the date, and talks on location).

Agenda: In both Lote and Lote2 our main goal was to get policy makers, Europeans and from national and local govs to come and work together with us on the solutions we think are contributing to more inclusive and fairer societies, and how we can better support these innovations through policy…  Alternative currencies such as digital Bitcoins was actually the subject of one session.  Aside from these sessions, we had another 2 days of “unconference” with informal presentations and group work, in the barcamp format.

We might get in funding to support people’s travel and accommodation, but people working to organize this are volunteering.

First thing would be to build the initial lineup of excited and generous people like you who want to help make this happen and see who’s up for what. So for starters I’d ask you what do you want to help with, generally speaking? Promotion to get more Greek participants already sounds great, last year a bunch of us translated participation calls into more languages… Are you into write-ups& content, social media outreach, maybe help design the visuals (avatars, banners for bloggers supporting us ), or maybe you want to help prepare a session on time banking? Feel free to suggest…

PS to better see what Edgeryders are doing, you might want to check out Petros’s Expedition Freedom to Greece this end of May.

We need Greece

Welcome, Christine. This sounds great. The first thing you can do is, I guess, the same as we all are doing: trying to figure out how to balance between format, content, location and needed resources for lote.

Also, like Noemi I too do recommend you get in touch with Petros. He wants to do a documentary on the creative solutions the Greek people is devising to the crisis, and the Athens Time Bank seems perfect. I think he’ll be coming to Greece in about a month.

I am ready :-))

Thank you both Noemi and Alberto for the warm welcome!!!

I can definetely help in:

-translation  from english to greek

-promotion of the event

-social media (maybe create an event about our meeting in Greek and promote it to all the initatives here) but of course this will happen when we will be a sure about when and where it would be.

-i can also prepare a session on Time Banking…share my experiences from the creation of Time Bank of Athens in Sydagma square, explain why is it such a good idea and also give some tips to all those who would like to create a Time Bank

if you can send me Petro’s e-mail so that i will have a quicker communication with him…it will be great

my e-mail is christin_papadop@hotmail.com

Kisses from Athens




I have just sent you email with all my contact data. Hope to hear from you soon!

It’s official!

Hi Christine, just to let you know we have a date (end of October) and location (Matera, Italy), so we can start hammer out details!

In a nutshell, if you go to your profile page here on Edgeryders you can signal you’re coming and what you’d like to explore in detail… After this round we’ll set up a board where people can collaborate on the program, I’m sure others are interested in time banking as well. Here’s the call for participation. hope you can come! https://edgeryders.eu/blog/lote3-save-the-date

Next Lote

Greetings, Edgeryders.

By invitation from Asta I joined this outstanding group of individuals in Brussel autumn 2012.

This one is for Nadia and Asta + you who know me slightly here/ want to get to know a new edgeryder: If I told you I was available to change location and work full time on a project on the condition that I have a place to sleep between approx 21.06 - 30.08 can it make any difference for your current efforts? (dates can be changed if there is urgency or things drag out longer than expected. I need to be in Dublin by approx 15.09.13 in current estimations, which means clearer date will be set later.

Nadia: How can I help with achieving this next successful #Lote for example?

Thank you, Nadia and Asta, for guiding me into this platform.

Jumping in

Hi Thomas,

I waited to answer your question until we have details set for the next lote. It happens in Matera, Italy from 29th of October until 3rd of November. Hopefully you can fit that into your schedule? Here’s more detailed information about it: https://edgeryders.eu/blog/lote3-save-the-date. To be able to coordinate who’s up for doing what we’ve inserted some fields you need to fill in by going to your profile page on Edgeryders and clicking “Edit Profile”. From there it’s intuitive…

From where would you need to relocate? where do you live now? I look forward to meeting you and probably like others here, i’m humbled by your offer to help out, i’m sure we will make this work. A big thank you and stay in close touch!!