LOTE4 final program

and in case it helps any, im completely up to joining up

with another session if it makes sense and others are up for it! ps. @nadia, thanks!

Saturday after lunch program

@ElaMi5, you can have your session instead of Bjorn’s “How Tourism can change rural areas” at 14:30. Works? cc @Nadia

Bjorn’s “How Tourism can change rural areas” is moving from 15:30 - 16:30 instead of Festival of Solidarity (Christine is not at Lote so that session gets cancelled)


Well, Data coops are a form of excess capacity. Some of these would be local. The open source participation projects @sammuirhead and the data coops are clearly mergeable. Maybe we could merge with #temporarycustodians: Sharing Assets + Islington Mill: case study for a community of stewards – which is kind of a case study of what we had in mind.

Some organizing ideas:

– extracting learning from past Matera/unMonastery efforts.

– openness as key to future

– culture/arts

unconference session proposal

just announcing, as we can also propose sessions onsite,

but it’s good to propose more early to gather interested people to join

topic :


How the Art Of Hosting methodologies and being down to earth supports success.

with David Ridge, me, and who ever wants to join :slight_smile:

you can join here

you can follow there developments of the session here

and join !


Final cleaning session?

Hi, I’d like to propose that we be good stewards until the end…

During and after Sunday people will be on the leave and as it usually happens at unconferences, a small group is practically forced into cleaning the venue. Can we allocate 2 hrs on Sunday evening before the dinner & party (maybe 18 - 20) to take out garbage, clean the conference rooms, move out chairs and stuff we won’t be needing and leave everything in order?

The house practicalities can then be finalised by those living there, but let’s all give a hand, it will go much faster!