[Lote4 tickets] Document a conference session

I will summarize what is discussed during a session and publish my notes on edgeryders.eu

Edgeryders events are not just physical meetups, they are knowledge generation engines aimed to benefit the wider community, not just those in attendance. We are developing a habit to document findings and share them online as the event unfolds, making it possible for others far away to engage and benefit from comparing notes. The documentation can be in the form of written text, video or audio (with summary transcript), your choice!

  • Value of task: 1/2 #lote4 ticket

How to complete this task?

In the comment form below let us know if you will be available at the event to do this. We’ll take your word for it and we’ll do a briefing at the event where more instructions will be given.

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. By completing this task you get a proportion of the ticket value, and you need to complete more to get one and come to Matera. Pick more tasks! Alternatively, documenting more than 1 session could also get you the full ticket.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

This task belongs to the Storytellers team, that’s where you can get in touch with the other team members.

I can document at least 2 conference sessions

I would like to experiment with a different format of session documentation. For a session that is about presentation/discussion of ideas I would like to ask 3-4 people at the beginning of the session to volunteer to summarize the most interesting and valuable parts of the session in 1-3 minutes for a short video. The resulting documentation will be 10 minutes of people presenting the main topics covered in the session from different perspectives.

I can explain more in the next community conference call I am able to attend.

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I’d enjoy

documenting sessions on the platform through written narratives, pulling in quotes or images, and facilitating others who wish to do so. For sessions in which it feels appropriate, perhaps using a live publicly shared hackpad? I’d also be happy to assist in crafting narratives for the sessions as October approaches.

@mariabyck and @Kei, we’d

@mariabyck and @kei, we’d love to have your help with this. Please let me know if you purchased the tickets to LOTE on makerfox already and what are your nicknames there - so we can keep the track of your involvement. Now we take your words (that you will come and acomplish what should be done on the spot) and we ask you to pick up one more task to earn the whole value of the ticket. @Maria, I will write you asap what will happen in the early September , ok?:slight_smile: thank you. And you can also contact me at natalia@edgeryders.eu

Just ordered a ticket.

My Makerfox name is keikreutler. Thanks @Natalia Skoczylas! I’ll join a community call in the coming weeks to talk further.

I did purchase ticket

on Makerfox a week or two ago- my user name is MariaByck

I would like to join community calls but probably will not have a reliable internet connection for the next few weeks. I will be in Matera on Sept 2 for a few days.

I will look for your email Natalia- thanks for getting in touch!


Cool idea of Kei’s today

So in the community call it came up that we should work on a documentation toolkit. My understanding of this, and correct me if I’m wrong @Kei, is that it will be a repository with cool tools to use based on things that could be:

  • type of session (maybe keynotes should be videorecorded, workshops documentation works better if it's ),
  • preference of the documenter (I prefer writing),
  • available tech equipment (video if you have a camera, maybe audio if you walk with a recorder around you etc)
  • (visual) templates for reporting etc...

So when someone offers to do documentation, they already have somewhere to look for guidance…no?

And while we keep thinking about this, you girls might also want to consider this idea Matthias had at the conference in Tbilisi, on how more of us can act as ethnographers / community journalists taking on active reporting. This could end up a little messier because it means every other person is a documenter, but a lot of fun if someone takes coordination on board and offers to set up a media corner chasing people around to collect everything during the conference… and then documenters would come together to curate and re-mix their notes, visuals, photos etc. Make it social.

I think if we set ourselves the goal of making this REALLY FUN  for the first time in the Lote history, this will be a great achievement and precedent :slight_smile: what do you think?

Documentation group?

Hi @Noemi, yes, exactly that.

Could you point me to the best place to make a wiki and I’ll get started with some suggestions?

Create a wiki

…here in this group: /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-the-stewardship

I could document day one

Will some documentation on day one be of any help? It’s the only day I’ll be able to attend in Matera. I prefer writing, let me know if it is. I could also collect material and interview people there to write an article in english or italian

Of course

Hi, I don’t think we know each other and I can’t tell what your name is or if you are in Matera (your user profile is empty…), but welcome on board! My name is Noemi, and I’ve been to Matera last year for Lote3. Thank you for the offer, we’re quite keen on written documentation so even better…

Do you have a personal blog or would like to post here on Edgeryders blog? Whichever you prefer. If you’re interested in documentation in general, we’re building a collection here and we’ll have a meeting in the beginning of Day 1 to see how everyone prefers to work.

PS unless you know @Natalia_Skoczylas already, she’ll happily send you a conference ticket!

More than one!

I co-documented, I guess, about 4 or 5 conference sessions on the hackpads. So did many others. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who documented!

Maria, @kei, @Hazem, @La_Gaia, and also @danohu, @iamkat@Leo, @Rémy, everyone seems to have made the effort…!

The Lote4 Hackpad is a shared resource and those of us who want to use it to further our reflections now that the event is over are welcome to do so: https://lote4.hackpad.com/