LOTE5 full title brainstorming

We need a full title of the form

Living On The Edge 5 – <full title>

The two first LOTEs had no titles. LOTE3 was called “the unPilgrimage”, LOTE 4 “the Stewardship”.

LOTE5 can be called:

  • the Fuckup – strong, attracts attention (but some people hate it)
  • the F**kup – figleaf on the F-word
  • Interesting failures – emphasising learning
  • EPICFAIL – this will be difficult to extricate from the social media analytics
  • EPIC(fail)  – this will be difficult to get right
  • Rebound – failure is implicit here
  • Failures to glory – I have the phrase "journeys to glory" in mind. Is it an English phrase or just the title of a forgotten album
  • add at will
  • Stuntmen
  • Deserting Titanic
  • Parachuting Hindenberg
  • The Failure
  • The Edge of Failure

ping @ireinga, @Noemi, @KiraVde

I like EPICFAIL, could be Epic Failures as well.

Can we do a little poll?

Is it technically possible to do a poll? @ireinga & I pick three most fun alternatives and people vote?

Yes, but…

A poll is easy. I think there is even a content type “poll” already in Drupal Commons. But beware: if you do a poll, then you have to accept the decision of the voters!

Since we’re running out of time…

I’m not good with names and titles, but Epicfail sounds like abismal fail, doesn’t have the lightness of “fuckup” or the looking up in “failing forward” or “rebound”.

The Edge of Failure I like. I would also propose WeFail as a positive to overusing the “we” in communities (see also WeWashing).

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I vote

WeFail even though EPICFAIL is more catchy it fits less the concept.

There was no poll finally right?

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The great unFail - Learning what works toether

I like this title because it’s about fixing something that is broken. We had a chat about this during the retreat and my feeling was that in order for the event to be attractive it needs to offer a path from failing to succeeding:

  1. Keynotes from different organisations active in relevant fields/projects relevant to working with refugees and care (fails- learning what mistakes to avoid/ how not to do it)

  2. Practical workshops on methodology held by keynote presenters (wins- learning new tools/skills/knowledge for how to do it right)


Indeed there was no poll

But if there were, I would now vote for The Great unFail too. To keep the greatness.

Shall we do social media announcements tomorrow? FB insights tells me best time to announce things is the afternoon.

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Like that!

Both: The Great unFail “to keep the greatness” and announcing tomorrow.

@KiraVde and @ireinga, nothing stops you from launching a poll after the announcement. Right?

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Are we announcing on the ER social media first?

And who has access to the accounts?

@ireinga for AH access

You lead, we’ll follow…

3 things:

  1. I added both you and Irene as editors of our facebook page.. no permission from any of us needed for things you think need posted.   
  2. Sent you the twitter pass.
  3. Prepared a newsletter to go out tomorrow - and regularly starting Nov, should you want something in it go ahead and make edits. I can send the newsletters to not overload you.


Taking a look now


I do not think we need ultratight coordination. I put out a first tweet already, but we will retweet the Antiheroes stuff too. Let’s just stay with the #LOTE5 hashtag.

Learn EpicFail

Hi all,

This is my first post, lets see what happens.

It goes without saying that I like the subject of failing and that we should be comfortable with it and try to provoke the chance of failure by doing things, like this post. But if we want to get things right, more or less, we should learn from failure. So I dare to bring in a new title, Learn EpicFail - what is to fail? what does it mean? how can we move on from it? what does it bring new? and the solution is in the title :wink:

unFail I like because of the two reasons Nadia pointed out but it does not offer an solution, in the title. The “un” makes me stay away from failure and the idea, as I see it, is to get in it :).

I also have a quote that I like about failure:

Thomas J. Watson - CEO of IBM :slight_smile:

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it.  So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”




Well, to begin with, welcome, @AlexandruRadu! As for the name, we’ll see what the ladies leading the charge say. smiley

My favourite quote on failure

Hi @AlexandruRadu !

Thanks for the feedback, although by now we’ve already announced The Great unFail as a title, I think it’s a bit late to make changes.

That said, the content of the event is still very much in the making! Maybe join our next community call to put your ideas and vision on the table?


And my favourite quote on failure is this:

"Ik sta alweer overeind en zeg: vooruit dan maar, zonder supporters!" Paul Van Ostaijen, 1927

It’s by a Flemish poet who during his life was considered a total loser, but long after he died got recognized as one of the most brilliant minds of his time. He wrote this to a friend after another one of his publications was shred to bits by the media. It means something like ‘Again I stand up and say: okay then, without fans!’

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too late :slight_smile:

I felt I was a bit late, didn’t know for sure. I will try and stay involved. I like the Flemish mindset.

I will try and make it on the 29th at 10am Brussels time on the google hangouts.