Lurker announces himself

*I’m into the lived experience of the Internet of Things.  How is that supposed to work, exactly?  I think I’ll try it out in an abandoned building in Turin, Italy.

Some lurker!

Welcome, @bruces, and thank you for introducing yourself – not everyone does. My name is Alberto, and here is my own introduction: we have met a couple of times before, the first time was when you first visited Matera.

“A lurker” does not really do you justice. Several people in Edgeryders, myself included, are familiar with your work and admire it. I am actually just in the process of reading The Epic Struggle, which was recommended to me by several friends at MakerFaire Rome. Looking forward to getting deeper into this, we will probably talk about related topics at Living On The Edge 4 next week (in Matera…), for example during this session.

Let us know if we can do anything to help you enjoy Edgeryders – recommending projects you might like, or introducing you to people. The site is sprawling and messy, but the people tend to be friendly and smart. We normally do community calls on Google hangouts on Thursdays, but next week we will skip it because we’ll all be in Matera. Have fun and good conversations!

UnMonastery in Matera

*So, this UnMonastery thing.  What kind of furniture does it have? Sinks, doorknobs, chairs, beds, window treatments?   Anybody have any photos of that?

Try this

The unMonastery space used to be part of a call center in the Sassi. We did a cheap renovation on the fly, mostly to get heating back online and to install some showers. The work was coordinated by a local design collective called MIMERS. @antonioelettrico can tell you more about that: to get an overview with some photos and maps see:

If you scroll down, you will find proposed solutions for furniture by a Paris-based designer called @immaginoteca. The solution for the bed, based on pallets, was actually implemented in Matera.

Some lurker, indeed!


unMonastery in Matera was a pilot project for mobilising underutilised resources in support of community regeneration. We took an empty building, a small amount of money and some willing, enthusiastic people and a defined program to assemble an intense, disciplined medium term effort to show how this might be done.

@ben Vickers was the lead person in this project and he would be happy to talk you through it.

We are starting discussions about replicating unMon’s elsewhere. Four things are necessary; a building, a core team with one unAbbot, funding for modest living expenses and adoption of the the unMonastery Rule.

Hope to see you online and/or in Matera.