Modern education for all children and those with lower abilities using 3D

Hidayet Ayadi
A new world awaits

My name is hidayet ayadi, I am 24 years old.
I have lived 16 years in Egypt, I came to Tunisia to attend high school.
It was hard, I didn’t know the language, the cultural and also, I was the freak of the school.
I got to know really good people that helped me get through that time.
Fortunately, in Egypt I was in a French school, so when I came here I was at the top of the class which helped me pick my university.
Now I am an engineering student and I have a dream which is creating a company that will do lots of good in Tunisia, it might sound dreamy but I believe in it.
My story begins when I started studying IT and discovered that my sister has dyslexia, it is a genetic illness that causes problems in education.
I started doing some research and gathering info and in the end, I got the idea to create an app that uses 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality to help improve education in general and help kids with special needs in particular.
My project is a startup that specialises in the 3D technologie , we go by the name of “Devolution”.

The idea began when we heard about the reading in blocks problem that kids have: They do not know how to read a word based on syllables or letters but they memories the appearance of the word.
In addition, having a little sister suffering from dyslexia plays a big role to move on and take actions to start developing the application .
Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.Different people are affected to varying degrees.Problems may include difficulties in spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, “sounding out” words in the head, pronouncing words when reading aloud and understanding what one reads.Often these difficulties are first noticed at school.When someone who previously could read loses their ability, it is known as alexia.The difficulties are involuntary and people with this disorder have a normal desire to learn.
Our first project , is a mobile application that helps kids read , it takes stories found in ordinary books , and shows them to the kid in full 3D using the augmented reality , which means , we use the papers as platform , but also we use the virtual reality , so the vr headset.
The idea is to create an app that has 3D stories, with a voice off that reads the actual story.
Our perspective is using augmented reality in education in way to make learning a safe and fun experience for all.
Augmented reality is a technology based on image recognition and 3d . We use a piece of paper and a smartphone that recognizes the paper and puts on it a 3d object .
We will be using this technology to project a small 3d animation with voice that reads the story . the paper we will be using will be the reading books used in school education in tunisia .
With animation on the words something like karaoke , the kids will be able to read the stories , learn and have fun.In addition to this , the app will have special animation in words and the stories to suit the needs of special kids , like the dyslexique ones .
That was the reading feature , also the app will have a game zone that will help children play to learn basic things like numbers and letters but this time using another technology that helps bring 3d objects in the real word without using the paper , something like pokemon go and lots of other features to help improve the imagination of the children

Now we are a team of four engineers:

Myself, I am a book lover , a game player . I am active in the social life as a vice president in the junior chamber international. And I am the founder of devolution

Saif eddine Ben achour ,He is a game developer , an amazing person , active , hard worker , a little perfectionist and very passionate about Devolution

Oussama Maatouk , also a game developer , he is a fast worker and kind of genius

Souhail Houssein , in a word , an artist , he is an amazing 3d artist , also a game developer and one with amazing imagination

Hamza Ben Abdessalem , 3d artist , 2d designer , Friendly and helpful person, he is the one we always turn to when we have a problem .

We are different but united , a big family with one ambition and 5 wheels to ride to it

The idea is here and very promoting, since we are all engineers, and even though we had an accelerated course in finance and how to run a startup, we found it hard to do it all since we want to have an international start up.
What we really need to be the SUPER TEAM is a person specialized in finance who will help us to raise funds and manage better the financial flow of our startup to land on the shore of success .


Finance and admin. Tell me about it. If you guys are funded it might be easier. IN any case I think @ivan might have some suggestions. Also @ericasmar might have suggestions at least for Marocco. @hegazy has/is setting up a startup in Egypt and may also have some recommendations?

On a different note, I’m curious what you think about @irene_lanza 's project on use of technology for managing disabilities- you can read about soundsight here :

I think @maria has been looking deeper into the project so she may also be able to share some reflections relevant to your project. Also several of the community members in the OpenCare research conversation have experience in building assistive technologies…maybe have a look here …

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no we are not funded
we work together with our own money and potential
i will be looking at the links you sent me
hope to here from all of you guys soon