Multi selection process plenary 10/04/2024

Hello @reeflings,

The agenda of Wednesday’s plenary includes a multiple selection process, to select people for the roles of Group Coordinator + Back-up, Full Members Circle Coordinator and Secretary.

This is a short post to offer you some of the things you may need to structure your thoughts before the meeting.

TL;DR: give some thought to who you think are the best candidates for the four roles listed above.

@reef-governance can you please chip in if I forgot something, if you would to bring some nuance, …?

1. Role descriptions

This is the link to the full description of the different roles:

This would be my summary:

  • Group Coordinator: the Group Coordinator in The Reef is the equivalent of the “circle leader” of the “General Circle” (Coordination Group), with the addition that in The Reef the Coordinator also prepares the agenda of the plenary meetings (or the Full Circle if something like that were to exist). Key tasks are preparing the agenda for the Coordination Group and the plenary meetings, the teams set-up (matching newlings with teams) and somehow keeping the overview on what needs to be done to make progress.

  • The Group Coordinator Back-up’s role is to step in whenever the Group Coordinator can’t take up their responsibilities.

  • The Full Members Circle Coordinator’s role (provided the proposal for such a circle will be consented to) is not written up yet, but will mostly consist of managing the agenda, in the sense that this person will need to make sure that we discuss thing that need to be discussed (e.g. membership applications) while at the same time creating space for everybody to bring up things about how things are going, and maybe even to make sure (using the deep democracy metaphors) that the little fish under the water don’t become big sharks that will come to explode.

  • The Secretary is expected to keep the decision log up-to-date (internal link), draft the minutes (2-4 sentences) of asbl GAs and to remind everybody to pay their membership fees.

For those who are interested, I included a short reflection on the Group Coordinator’s role in the follow-up to my performance review, which you can find in the 2023 proposals folder:

2. Process

For a full description of a selection process I recommend the post from Sociocracy For All:

The summary would be this:

  • Understand the role, the qualifications and the term

  • Explore:

    • Round 1: name your preferred candidate and explain why (qualifications) + listen to everybody else’s views. Self-selection is allowed and even warmly welcomed.
    • Round 2: name your preferred candidate based on everything you have heard (i.e. keep your first choice or change)
    • Facilitator makes a proposal
  • Decide:

    • Consent: objections are possible in the strict sense of the definition of an objection => yes to risks to the group, no to alternative proposals
    • The person who is selected goes last in the round and is welcome to not accept being selected for whatever reason.

@ChrisM would you have some time one of these days to discuss how we could do this in practice?

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I’ve got plenty of spaces in my schedule tomorrow to have a chat about this…

Three initial points to discuss:
Will we do all 3-4 role selections simultaneously?
Which rounds will Associate Members be able to participate in?
Will people be able to opt out early (not encouraged in the SoFA guidance)?

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