Natural method using against cancer

Dandelion “Pissenlit” roots for cure cacer, Yes it’s possible and without fees!!

There are many different types of cancer any people get killed by it. It’s enough we have found the cure for many of them ( prostate, intestine, lungs ,…)

Many people aboard have been heal by this roots when they heard about it, they stop using chimiotherapy ( chimiotherapy = traitement used for having a long day of living, is not enough efficient!!! The bad effect of this treatment is not his non efficiency but also killing the healthy cells, even if he kill the cancer cells inside body.!!! From this treatment there are some bad effect like, appetiteless, loss of weight, weakness of antibody, …)

Actually, 7 people here in Madagascar have been heal by this treatment when they heard about it, and follow the instructions. It’s  a close friend of mine who have been sick by “liver and intestine” cacer. He was up to follow chimiotherapy  treatment so I told him to follow this natural treatment  first before he decided to spend  money on chimiotherapy. When I heard about this plant from Canadian friend, we decided to use it.

He was so happy when he gets cured after 1 week  of treatment, when he decided to drink infusion from dandelion’s root. Doctors doesn’t find any clue of cancer on him. Maybe the phase of his cacer was primary and it’s was easy to cure. So my conscience is restless when I heard that there are many people who suffer, dead from cancer “it’s like non assistance of people in danger”. I decided to share it with you.


1# You need to collect dandelion on a place where cars doesn’t barely ride.

2# non chemical insecticides or related haven’t been sprayed on the soil where you collect it.


Boil 1 liter of top water, when it’s still boiling, ad 100 grams of  dandelion roots.  Leave it boiling  for 10 minutes ( never more never less than 10mn. It’s has been calculate that “active elements” goes out at this moment.  If it’s more than that, it’s will kill those active elements.  When it’s done let it get cold. This is your “drinking water for one day” the better moment for drinking much is before breakfast and dinner, also drinkable in middle time. Do it for 20 days and stop for 10 days. Keep do it again from the beginning as a cycle of one month (20 plus 10 days.)

If everything has been followed step by step in one week, we can find the changes ; inside pain goes out,  patient will find appetite, this is the major factor of this treatment and it’s make a big different between it and chimiotherapy.

If I understand and correct me if I’m wrong!! chimiotherapy kills cancerous cells but also healthy cells. Patient get weak, lost appetite and doesn’t have no much time for living,  It’s a kind of catalyst inside body.

But this dandelion’s  roots hunt and kill all cancerous cells inside body.  After you recognize that patient is completely cured, all we have to do is care about wound healing leave by the cancer inside the body. We can keep doing it by natural method using garlic.  Take one glass of hot water,  scratch 3 or 4 peaces of garlic and put it inside the glass of hot water.  Leave it for one night and drink it before breakfast,  keep do it until its gone,  or you can still buy some medecines in drug store if you want to heal  wound leaved by cancer.

I hope that everyone can find a way to cure and fight cancer on his own natural or chimical.

If you have any questions about this, any suggestions or critics please don’t hesitate to write bellow

Dear friends Edgeryders, I wish an Happy and successful new year to each every one of you.:slight_smile:

Are your friends researching

Hi @Michel, hope 2017 is looking up for you!

I missed this story, thank you for sharing it. The only thing I knew about dandelion tea is that it reduces inflammation…

Is anyone of you or friends participating in actual research about this, or at least be under some medical/scientific supervision? I remember @Ivan_Ezeigbo, also on edgeryders, is involved in systematically studying effects of a medicinal plant for another medical affection… i thought that was a smart way of looking for valid cure.

Research on botanical, and biogas & ecological energy

Hi @Noemi, nice to hear from you that hope send it right back to you. :slight_smile:

That’s right, I have a former colleague a botanist for being exact when I was working in the raining forest on the East of Madagascar whose work with a Professor called Daniel RAMAMPIERIKA. They search and apply on plants and biogas & ecological energy since 2013. The advice on how dandelion’s roots come from that former colleague. The advantage of this research is we still have pure primary forest and the good positive point is they’re trying to preserve those forest by researching and working on biogas and ecological energy.


Hi @Michel, I’ve harvested dandelion root to make a coffee-like drink before, and eaten the leaves and flowers. They’re said to be good for the liver and in the past it was drunk by farmers, here in Ireland, to help maintain energy during in the winter months. I have no research to back these claims so I avoid using language stating it as fact. In Ireland we call them “wet-the-beds” which may indicate that they have diuretic properties:) They grow everywhere here, but sadly many gardeners see them as weeds and spray them with glyphosates.

If dandelion roots were a “cancer cure” that would be great, but I don’t think the claim is valid without links to clear research. If that research is ongoing that’s excellent, I’m excited to hear more.