Network enthusiast

Hello everyone, I guess here is the place where I should start. I’m here very pleased to jump aboard the Spot The Future adventure. I’m a network scientist, and I’m deeply convinced that networks are at the core of our own human organizations. (A wonderful paper by A. Wolfe may convince you as well: 2010, Wolfe, Alvin W Anthropologist view of social network analysis and data mining) I will help with many geeky skills, in effort to Spot The Future together!

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Welcome, Ben! There are interesting resonances between Edgeryders and network science, what with @La_Gaia, @Ben and others (@ericnbarrett, maybe?) all being passionate about networks. Did you know that the unMonastery is being evaluated by means of a social network analysis

We will do great things together, I am sure.

Wow, welcome!

Welcome, good to have you here. (Networks rule. I’m trying to get my head around this kind of magic at the moment.)