Networked Conversations - notes from team call 15/03

Will do

I’m going to run 3 events between May and October, each will have a different top level topic, or provocation.
I’ve chosen this question partly because it fits with Noemi’s topic and partly because it’s very relevant right now to some issues we’re facing in Bedford.
I expect that that summer and autumn events will have different provocations that build on the discussions we have in May.

I feel like letting the local concerns dictate the content is the most important part. How we then connect that into a wider online conversation and discussion is something we can define later.


Cool, then I think I can do the first event mid May, another one in summer and the last one in October.

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Great, go ahead and edit the wiki - even if it’s tentative dates then we know and can include it in the program,
yaay! :slight_smile:

3 events is a good number, I think that’s the minimum for us in Brussels too, so we dont lose steam!

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The name:
Yes, Culture Culture is funky and flowy! State of the Art is good although I think a little cheesy :wink:
So I lend a vote to Culture Culture! And wanna learn to make a mean kulcha for our potluck dinners.


haha coool!!! thanks for the vote… D:D

We can make Kulcha to eat, and kombucha to drink… we’d be very cultured then!


@Honi is trying to access the thread, she is one of my Berlin art colleagues - can you check why its inaccessible to her @noemi? (Doing it from my phone)

She can, the Culture Squad is a public category.
It might be that @Honi still needs to go through the consent funnel - which is popping up before she can hit reply.

But the page is definitely visible,