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We don’t have more time and especially not enough time to have perfect fits.
Sieben Linden and WBK are both rural, so maybe one of them should do. Definitely Calafou!
Mapping buildings in Brussels turns out to have similar constraints - it will be quick and dirty rather than extensive, in-depth research, in order to find at least some typologies. If I were you, I would at least drop an email to some contacts there to gain us some time, at least to see if they would like to receive us, and when would be a good time for them. Just my 50 cents, as we juggle different moving parts.

I don’t think so, as I was just tasked by @alberto to research places to visit and to join the tour personally instead of “escaping” to Nepal already. Apart from that, assume that I don’t know anything about how this project is organized. Before I can reasonably contribute to organizing it, somebody would have to answer a lot of questions, and then I’d have to put all that new knowledge into a wiki :smile:

I mean, I follow what is written on platform and in chat, but as things are more concentrated in person in Brussels now than they used to be, I think that these days I don’t even get close to the full picture of what’s happening in a project like this. For example, what means that “we don’t have more time” as, for all I know, we are still missing some letter from Climate-KIC EIC that would allow to start the project officially?

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I stand corrected. Will post an update next week, since this is not the place for it.
In short: No, we haven’t officially started, this was me being mindful of the total timeline which will not change, irrespective of the starting date. It will only squeeze things and obviously we cannot do everything as previously intended - we won’t find 3 weeks to visit places, but maybe a few days. I know, crazy.

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You are the master retriever, so that means it makes no sense to obsess and look further ahead. Let’s do this.

Would it help to have a catch-up online meeting?

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Huh :astonished: Ok I did not know that.

As a one-off measure, yes that would help. I’d package what I learn into a project wiki and one from the Brussels team (probably Ilaria then) would have to keep it up to date afterwards. The alternative is that I’d not take part in actually organizing the project but would get limited tasks / sub-projects with a clearly defined interface and deadline.

Both of these work for me. The only thing that does not work for me (but you know that from a year ago) is having to take part in project management in a messy way, which happens when I don’t know enough.


Ok, let’s wait for @ilaria to be back. I believe she will check in on Tuesday next week.


Hi, sure, let’s have an online meeting, this will help everyone.
I think it would be better to decide a date and a time on the chat, isn’t it?

Dropping this here:

  • Germany’s first energy-autonomous apartment building – Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Cooperative company Wilhelmshavener Spar- und Baugesellschaft eG have constructed Germany’s first energy-autonomous apartment building, using innovative building technology, and enabling residents to obtain two thirds of their heat and electricity from their own resources at a flat-rate with transparency and cost-security.
–> source: Housing Europe awards - 2019 semifinalists

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The UFA Fabrik in Berlin might use these three keywords
And anybody wanting to visit Sieben Linden: give me a call (as much ahead of time as possible).


@felix.wolfsteller we are in Berlin next week. Let’s go visit, though it does not seem living-oriented (30 residents + 180 employees).

@matthias: check out their ecological timeline. Matt, why don’t you come to Berlin too? So @noemi and you and I can knock on their door!

(Noemi: there is even some stuff about a Harbour Festival, maybe we can get inspiration for the Deep Dive as well)

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We are moving forward with a sort of (funded) feasibility assessment. When, in your view, does this type of game qualify as “serious”?

when its becoming real and concrete

so, when we find a building and start prepping for it? :slight_smile:

@Matthias: for the technical sprint event - see section 2. above - People and Organisations to contact.
I signaled the strongest recommendations with :bulb:
From them, I know @AndreaSuDS would be interested to join, and highly suggest Superlab and possibly the expert in passive housing. Stefaan and Sigried are designers, but I think they can definitely bring value if they will be interested. Your call!


@Matthias, is there anything I can do to help for the tech sprint on the 25th November?

@jasen_lakic and I would like to go visit Superlab in Brussels, hopefully next week.
Have you contacted them yet? Should we contact them anyway and see if we can go together?


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does it make sense to add https://langhuus.ch here?


Hei @xaver, not sure in which category you would like to be added?
We started this wiki focusing on resources relevant for the Reef in Brussels, and I see that People and Organisations, which would suit the best for you, is basically all Brussels.

So I leave it up to you to add yourself where you best think it fits. It’s a wiki, so you can edit at ease!

Can I ask who is the author of this or else if anybody has contact details that I could use? @noemi would you maybe know more? TIA!

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Hei Lee! It might have been @Matthias who added it, it seems like a connection via Bernardo/ Bosch Tanneurs? No one named Olivier was part of the community workshops (that I remember), so maybe they joined the tech workshop?..

Meanwhile, a vidéo from around Brussels: