Notes from start-up meeting


Our timeframe has shifted, and the rough plan now is:

  • Blivande week in May
  • Aarhus in June, around the TEH meeting 3-6 June
  • Reykjavík in September

Next step: Decide on dates

Recruiting local team

Which competencies would benefit the project?

  • FUSK: Hands-on skills needed
  • TEH: can bring in action-based research observation
  • Blivande: (small entrepreneurs
  • If(x): People who have also built Bureau of Detours

Next step: Decide on the people from the teams and invite them to this platform to plan with us when they can/want.

Planning weeks

We now need to start planning the activities for our respective weeks.

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On the note of recruitment

Skill-need of each center

FUSK: Mainly hands-on people - although also someone who can talk to the city
Blivande: Start-up entrepreneur-initiatives for future collaborations
Institut for (X): People with data-collecting mindset, as we are searching for different approaches to gather figures in order to show the impact of X and similar initiatives

Required of people from X who enter the project:

  • Someone who knows of If(X)/Bureau Detours practises and methods, now and past
  • Community-builder/organisational mind: hence the topic of the project
  • Builder / hands-on skills with first-mover experience
  • Strategic experience of going from a temporary to permanent platform (lobbying)
  • Communication and coordination skills. Graphical skills, bearing in mind that the project and the outcomes needs to be translated back to X and it’s members (and the rapport)

Ping @Institutforx - moved the post here!
Btw, if more people from IfX are joining, it might be a good idea to have your account be your name/pseudonym :slight_smile:

Amazing thanks, still trying to figure out how this works. I invited Juul into the platform also, so will change the name.

Now that I have you here: did i get Blivandes “skill-wishes” right? Small start-ups :slight_smile: and could you elaborate on that point?

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As I recall it there wasn’t that much underlying thought behind that beyond the wish to find more partners to collaborate with around Frihamnstorget in particular. Size-wise they would often be relatively small in order to fit in with the limited space (containers etc) that we’re working with.
I think one of our core strength at Blivande is as a launching pad for smaller projects/startsup.

As they outgrow our existing (physical) ecosystem their increased power/access to resources will in turn strengthen the ecosystem as a whole. For example by allowing us to expand our access to ground and real estate within Frihamnen (or other parts of the city or even the country). I think it will often be harder to convince enterprises that started elsewhere to join and collaborate a wholeheartedly as those that are “native” so to speak and co-evolved with us.

But yeah. again, just some loose thoughts. Indirectly and short-term the most valuable thing to us would probably be to grow closer ties with BoD (due to the Linköping project) and hook up with projects relating to urban farming/vertical farming and so on. We are attracting a lot of things within that sphere atm, from different directions.