Notes from the H2020 team call (to come up for two missed biweekly ones) – on 25/4


Participants: @nadia @natalia_skoczylas @alberto @noemi @nadia @johncoate @matthias @marina


  • Issues with the Serbian team in POPREBEL: they seem not to be able to engage actively, a clear decision needs to be made. There is an option to include Germany, but bringing in another team would require a lot of work and would be difficult without additional resources. An official e-mail will be sent to UCL, @noemi will prepare a draft.
  • In case Serbia will not be included, @natalia_skoczylas could use that budget to focus more on Poland and Czech Republic, travel more and bring in more stories. But, it is necessary to wait for the official decision.
  • @noemi is happy to report that other community managers are eager and ready to go.
  • @nadia contracted Natalia, agreement was reached on the contract which now needs signing.
  • @nadia pointed out the need to re-think multiple languages in future because it is a challenge. With NGI it was solved by deciding that the communication will happen in English, and translating documents which are then posted in different channels. In this way, people are drawn in and continue communication on the platform in English. If they encounter difficulties, machine translation can be used.
  • The call for local connectors / growth hackers / fellowships should also be translated in local languages.
  • The automatic translation service proved not to be very much efficient when it comes to translating well the content, it is useful just for discerning the meaning. It is better to send texts to 24h-translation services.
  • @noemi suggested to start hosting the calls in different languages weekly and publishing some events on Facebook to advertise, explain better what is it about so they become more accessible. This will be a task of a person hired for communication, but for now community managers could do create a recurring Facebook event.
  • Storytellers call should also be prepared – to become an expert storyteller – not only submit a story but also interact on the platform. The procedure will be to pick a topic, join a virtual café, leave a comment to a documentation on the call and then write an article. Covering topics related both to POPREBEL and NGI.
  • Note: in both budgets we have 250 eur x 40 for community journalism programme

Action points:

  • All: agree on the e-mail for UCL;
  • @marina: check the procedure about hiring people to write posts (make sure the right way to proceed is to prepare contracts for each storyteller who will then provide invoices. Prior to this they will go through a process of responding to a public call, writing a post, being evaluated – sort of a competition so that we can argue that the reward was given to the “best provider”);
  • and then coordinate with @natalia_skoczylas


4000 euros in total budget for articles for Poprebel @natalia_skoczylas