On the hunt for a new material to work with

On the hunt for a new material.
In class one of my fellow students was trying out something. I was looking over his shoulder and in a matter of minutes he made a bio plastic. He’d made a sheet which was already thicker as the kombucha sheet for which I had been waiting weeks for. To say the least I was captivated.
It turned out he was fabricating agar plastic. The material felt at least as strong as my kombucha and only took a fragment of the time the kombucha needed to grow.
Needless to say this was more my kind of material to work and experiment with. I opened google and ordered a jar of agar powder myself. (Which was rather expensive, big minus btw).

Does someone knows a cheap(er) and reliable site to order agar from.


Great to hear you’re experimenting with agar plastic. I guess you can buy agar agar in chinese shops for instance or online (https://www.pit-pit.com/agaragar.html). As an alternative you can use glycerine, but you’ll need more of this as its binding capacity is less strong and it’s made from bonemeal from animals - so less sustainable.