Onboarding form proposals

We just ended an extensive discussion with @johncoate and @MariaEuler about the onboarding process for the festival minisite, and here are some ideas and observations:

The website doesn’t tell enough about what this event is - neither as a global event, nor as particular events, or how do they differ. It would probably be best to figure out an interesting introduction into why and for whom are we doing it, and then explain what do the particular events offer, and how is this all connected. Finally, as @johncoate pointed out - why is it a festival to start with (managing expectations :))

Also, there’s a lot of calls for actions, but in fact, since this is a door for us to invite new people, we should rather lay out opportunities for them than ask for work and help without meeting them first.

Considering the size of the events, we don’t necessarily need to ask people to help with tasks, at least not yet. I would suggest concentrating on building energy around the event, fleshing out a wonderful invitation and making sure that we manage to onboard 50 quality participants for the events.

The signup form probably should be changed. We have two alternatives:

one signup form that would still look pretty much like the one we have already, but we first give the people chance to select the city in which they want to attend, and then a customized form that asks for:

multiple choice for the specific session you’d like to attend, and an “other window” option, where you could ask for a session you’d like to attend, and we can see what we can do for you (let’s not ask complete strangers what they want to do for us - let’s ask what we can do for them, as we need their information and input at some point, and that’s how we will be paid back for this effort)

And send in - we get their data and we can follow up manually, crafting the right message.

A second option for the signup would be to have all events displayed on the main site in some way (would need to think of the logic) and then under each city, we would have a short description what this event is centred around, and thumbnails that direct you to descriptions of the sessions.

This way we show to our visitors, unfamiliar with edgeryders, what we do, who we are, directly: what’s happening in their cities and we ask that the only thing you need to do to join the event is to pick a session that seems interesting to you, click on the picture and tell us in a comment why do you like it /how does it resonate with you.

Also, I would need a polish version of this funnel, as it would be very strange to promote an event catered for the Polish audience in polish language exclusively with an English website.

If you feel there’s something we should offer, we’d have a link to a post about the festival in general, asking what do people want, and ask them to leave a comment there.

These are some of the suggestions - please add what’s missing @MariaEuler and @johncoate

Redefine what a participant in this context is and what is given and what is requested.
As the planning for the events of this endeavour progresses it becomes clear that this is not a eat, drink, dance kind of festival. It is fun in so far as it is fun to develop and share your ideas.
Therefore we have to move a little bit in the way we see our participants. We are asking them to come to and work, creat content and discuss it best on the platform. Maybe it would be the right way to change the communication from “help out some way and get your ticket” to we give you this opportunity to meet stimulating people and have a location and some food during it and in turn, you contribute your mind, words and ideas. You participate in a workshop and listen to the talk and make a post about it or about yourself. This already asking enough. Things like cooking and graphics design can be bought with the budget we have. Ideas and discussions can not be bought and are what we really want to get. Therefore we should maybe change the communication of what it means to be a participant and in turn how to communicate and talk to them.

open village had different unifying and motivating factors that are not present in this years approach such as the one location and the meeting of people from the community that you are already interested in. Now we want to reach out more and motivate people to join in from outside. We are still providing opportunities but we do not have the social aspect already there and also still have to “sell” them on the platform, motivate them to post something there. So asking them for anything else than to participate and to post might be contra-productive.

Maybe also @inge - do you have some good tips or reflections?


that pretty well says it. The landing page looks nice but it should explain - very efficiently - what we mean by “festival” in this context and I think we should concentrate the many calls to action on the page into one, or two at most, funnels that clearly indicate what the user should expect and what the benefits are to them for doing it.