Open government data is world-wide, gaining in priority, and creating jobs

Innovation as an activity

Hello Alberto,

I agree for a part. But innovation must be taught as a process. In Russia they used TRIZ TRIZ - Wikipedia

In France Armand Hatchuel and others have designed a method names C-K  C-K theory - Wikipedia

I, with others, have designed an other process, “Les boucles de Perséphone” or “The Loops of Persephone” dedicated to designers and small factories.

If we teach all the methods to people, they can innovate day to day. If we have to wait until there is no way to go, perhaps there will be no people to innovate?

what do you think about process of innovation?

BC mini-case open data market study

British Columbia is several years ahead of all other Canadian provinces in terms of open data.

I would like to point to your attention this post by David Eaves, The Economics of open data – Mini-case, Transit Data & TransLink, This market case study is interesting because it shows revenue for each option, and it demonstrates why it is advantageous for everyone to share data. This case study gives an overview of the revenue that can be generated from open data applications, and suggestions of avenues of solutions.

Consumers don’t turn to who has the data, they turn to who makes the data easiest to use”,  said Eaves. Contribution from the community (local developers and entrepreneurs) is the key to success.

To make these opportunities undestood by an entire private and public sector, governments have a role to play to raise awareness and support businesses and organizations.

Great link!

YAY! Lyne, this is great stuff. Thank you for sharing!

Open Data and the use of data

I like that: “… the economics of it make WAY MORE SENSE FOR TRANSLINK.” People and ompanies have to change the way they think thier business, they lives and their aims through the use of Op Data or Op Gov. My opinion.

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the platform still needs some work, it can be a bit confusing  at times so really if something goes werong it’s more likely us than you :slight_smile: We’re building it in iterations so any feedeback is helpful- and this is feedback.