Paperwork and administration in order to create Société Simple

A separate thread to talk about the administration and steps to go through (paperwork) to create the Sosi.
(creating bank account for the Soci, the BCE, the UBO Register,…)
Here is the checklist to go through once we need to move fast, with the order in which things need to happen and what info we need for what step:

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@Quentin : i created a kind of checklist, to go through, so at each step we know what info we need to have/to pass and in which order we need to do things… (it’s just the beginning, so feel free to change the layout-structure…)
@Lee @reef-finance :

  • we will need somebody to take up the responsability to do the necessary registrations in the UBO register + who updates the data if this changes for one of the UBO’s + does a yearly confirmation of the data => will sb of team finance take that up, or should we write a role description and go through a selection procedure?
  • They also suggest to write a good internal procedure so that changes are quickly communicated to this person (maybe to be written by this same person?), + create awareness to all reeflings and explain the procedure
  • I’ve used the current registry of members file ( to keep all data of the ubo’s. I’ve added an extra column for niss/insz and nationality. Is that ok, or do you prefer a seperate file (asbl member registry <> Sosi member registry) (the first names, should probably be the official names. The addresses should probably be the domiciliation addresses)
  • The registry of members should also contain then the info of the people buying an inclusion unit. (can sb remind me which edgeryders group contains full members + members buying inclusion units?)
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Thanks! Eventually we will clean this up.

I have already created the UBO register for the ASBL. I do not remember how I did it, but it cannot be too difficult, so I will do that for the SoSi as well.

I am afraid these are both legal obligations of the different organizations. We need to keep them both. I guess we will create a top-level Nextcloud folder called “Coral”, just as now we have an “ASBL” one, and keep the relevant formal documents there.

One point of attention though. AFAIK, SoSis do not keep a registry of members but a registre des parts.

From what I see it can be electronic, as long as there is an auditable log file. NextCloud should be OK, because it keeps a revision history of documents.

I have started a folder of documents for incorporation where the registre des parts will also live.

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@alberto can i complete the, with all the necessary data that is needed for the ubo registration (nationality, date of birth,…)?

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Hmm… name and address are the only personal data needed for the RDP. Maybe the best place to put your personal data is pages 1 and 2 of the statutes. Indeed you, like @mieke, @Sebas, @Aline_Jeandenans @Caro and @Quentin are still missing from that document.

We will then take the information from the statutes for the UBI registry.

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@alberto : i created a ‘ubo’ folder under the ‘société simple’ folder in team finance.
It contains a file ( with all the future ubo members and the info you will need to register the ubo’s. Maybe this folder should be moved to the ‘coral’ folder once it is created…
I didn’t put this info in the statutes because:

  • it might be a bit too much info
  • you also need to keep ‘the date you became an ubo’, don’t see that being part of the statutes
  • once the sosi is created i don’t think the statutes doc should be updated like that, so according to me, it’s better to keep this in a separate file, so people (or you as the responsable) can update this file if e.g. they move…

if you don’t agree, no problem to integrate all the info in the statutes doc…

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@reef-full , when we will create to société simple, we will need to register all members of the Sosi in the UBO-register (Ubo = ultimate beneficial owner).

  • I’ve created a file to collect all necessary data:
  • I’ve copied most data from other registry files, for most of you only ‘nationality’ is missing.
  • Can everyone check if this data is correct (official name, address where you’re domiciliated,…) and correct if necessary?, DEADLINE = 12/05/2024
  • When you have checked the data: can you highlight the checked data in green?



Hi @els,

It seems that there are some issues with the data in the file. I corrected @alberto’s and I see that @Sophie_B’s birth also seems incorrect.

Given the importance of the accuracy of the data, and the thousands of messages flying around, can it be an option to insert a mechanism (poll, hearts, colour formatting the data, …) to confirm that the data have been checked?

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chris also mentioned introduced data being erased…
my idea was to have the ‘nationality’ field as an indication if the data was checked/updated. (if empty: data not checked. If filled in: data checked).
But maybe it is clearer to use colour formatting…

It wouldn’t be the first time. When in need don’t hesitate to reach out to Team IT.

That sounds like a plan. In this case I would consider to also use the good old school method of printing the document and letting everybody sign it off at the next plenary (but up to you).

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