Person Specification: Ethnographer



At some point we calculated the cost per post to an average of 2 USD, where we averaged two tags per tagged post on average - where tagging is faster later in the project. Could we estimate as a linear function of corpus size?


Same with community management. We will need 4 of them, in different languages. this week we need to put out the call. After we have our meeting with Nadia on Weds we should be able to get it pushed out. Noemi, I hope you can help me with this part…maybe not so much writing out the message, but in where and who to send it out to - I really do not know many people over there (Europe) who would be suitable candidates and by 3 weeks when I come to Brussels, we should already know who they will be. Even if we bring in some for training who are not going to get the job. And as we all know, as a job, it doesn’t pay much. There is 54,000 budgeted for the NGI CM work. That divides out to about 8 hrs/wk for someone, and not a a terribly high rate. The spec calls for 12, but there isn’t enough to pay that many people and they are not needed. So the way I look at it, 4 people doing the work, and maybe they change every year for 3 years, thus a potential of 12.


This worked well in the past:


And I need to create a CM version along those same lines…


Also, it says ‘about two years’ - but isn’t it closer to 3? My assumption has been the project started in January this year and runs 3 yrs. So if we hire for May or sooner, then it would be more like 2.5 yrs, right?