Play-test session (RPG games)

Hello everyone,

together with Shabaka we are developing some game prototypes on the light RPG side (Role Play Game) that focus on storytelling and social interactions in the world of Witness (right now, loosely in the world of Witness :wink: )

Shabaka is a consulting and research organization based in UK which creates living connections between the diasporas and the countries of origins. Their goal is to create strong response and recovery mechanisms to humanitarian problems, adding the skills of the diaspora generations, their experience and a long term perspective to the usual financial support measures.

We are really excited to have this opportunity of collaboration because we will be able to push some of the game design forward and explore topics that are really interesting like diaspora community, future envisioning etc…

At the moment we have 4 clunky prototypes (super clunky!), very different in style and engagement, and we would love to play-test them to understand which one could then be expanded in a fully fleshed game, or if there are mechanics that we like and we want to keep from them all.

We will be ready for some play-test on March 9th (and keep playing the 10th and 11th) and we will love to have you come and play-test with us.

Here you can find an initial description of the prototypes and below you can register for the play-test sessions.

Please before registering, double check your calendar, as, since the games are now designed for a specific number of players, you not attending could result in the play-test session not happening.
NOTE you don’t have to know anything about Witness to play!

Witness Underground (90 minutes - 4 players - Online Role Play Game) - March 10: 3PM and 8 PM -

This Meeting is a Trap (45/60 minutes - 5 players - Online Social Deduction Game) - March 11: 3PM, 5PM and 9PM -

Bedtime Stories (45/60 minutes - 4 players - Online Storytelling Game) - March 9: 3PM, 7PM and 9 PM; March 11: 7PM -

Squeeze Emergency Procedure (15/30 minutes - 2 players - Online Freeform Role Play Game) - March 9: 5PM and 5.30PM - March 10: 5.30PM and 6PM -
All time CET (Berlin time)

Please ping everyone that can be interested , I’ll start :slight_smile:
@nadia @ivan @alberto @carolina_carvalho @jolwalton @ialja @iouxo


Damn! I am interested in Witness Underground, but cannot make the 10th. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Good work, @matteo_uguzzoni !

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@matteo_uguzzoni Is this the type of session I could share in the GRC Serious Games slack channel?

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Looks great! I could do 9th, but not 10th. (11th a maybe).

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Yes Carolina, maybe point them to this post or this one so they can read where we are and why we are doing it. Thanks!


Are we confirming the first one today at 3 PM CET?

Concerning the other sessions, ping also @hugi, @yudhanjaya, @IvanV, @owen, @ChrisFarnell , @FrankD , @federico_monaco , @atelli, @Joriam , @OmaMorkie , @thom_stewart , @rohanjay, @becha, @Naveen

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Thanks @ivan for sharing the word! There are no confirmation for today’s session at 3PM so far, I suggest everyone to complete the forms above so we can keep track of what session will have play-testers or not.

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I put myself down for the middle This Meeting is a Trap session on Friday, but I could do the earlier or later Friday ones as well. Can’t do tonight or tomorrow unfortunately!


Last minute participants! :grinning: check you calendar, tonight at 8PM CET we will run a play-test of “Witness Underground”, there are 1 / 2 spots available, register here if you’re interested I’ll send the information to join 1 hour before.

Tomorrow at 3PM CET we will run a play-test of “This Meeting is Trap” (@jolwalton works for you?) register here if you are able to attend.

ping @jean_russell @ialja @iouxo @carolina_carvalho @nadia


Yup good for me :slight_smile:

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