Post POPREBEL data treatment

Hi @matthias

I was hoping to produce a few graphs for a conference I’ll be speaking at on Friday. Will Graphryder be up and running before then?



Yes, it will. Have obviously issues getting all my tasks done atm, but this I can promise to make possible.

Thank you so much!

Tried a lot of things but can’t get the Graphryder import script to successfully import from Discourse again. Will try with only your coding projects after sleep. Which ones are essential for your current work?

Hi Matthias

Thanks for looking into this. If it’s too complicated, don’t worry about it. I’ll present without the visualisations. But if you were able to produce a graph for ethno-poprebel-sexuality-zavtra-propaganda-2022 and ideally also ethno-poprebel-sexuality-zavtra-propaganda-2013, that would be great.

Best wishes


Hello Richard, I managed to get Graphryder to work for the two projects you mentioned. So you can go ahead and create your visualizations today.

Direct links:

The Graphryder software has various bugs / growing pains due to the increasing data amounts that we will have to fix soon (and of which I have taken note). But for your use case, it works reliably for me right now:

Not sure if it will all continue to work after the automatic daily data syncing, the next scheduled for 2024-04-12 4:00 CEST. Also, if you get an error “node … not found in graph”, try reloading the page in the browser, as this seems to be an occasional issue from an incomplete download of data.

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