Preliminary NGI Ethnography Insights

It’s good practice for us to do analysis as we go, even in preliminary ways, so it’s all good!

@inge / @MariaEuler up for this?

You are referring to reediting this for the platform to share with the whole community?

I have time to edit it tomorrow if that works?

yes and then pinging people

I think Maria is on it <3

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This is great. I will focus our presence at Internetdagarna and my interviews in Brussels and Berlin on this.

In general, these insights were very, very helpful. Thanks @amelia and team for doing such great work.

Will be out this evening

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question: This post is not accessible to everyone, do I understand correctly? So I should not link it in the summary for those who want to know more about it?

I think if we move it out into the research group space with slight modfication of language (replace any “user” or “users” with “particpant” or participants). I dont see why not - you ok with that @amelia?

I edited the user language (we need to use ‘community member’ instead and should remember to standardise).

Let me do a quick edit to make the language a little more community-focused. I’ll do another post rather than editing this one so the initial post is kept.

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Here’s my attempt: NGI Ethnography -- Preliminary Results for Community Members

made this post combining a summary of this report, some quotes from it and an overview of the currently ongoing discussions and opportunities with main focus on the deep green tech topic and festival:

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This is a great discussion, and it should be public. I am taking the liberty of moving the juicier posts onto Amelia’s public topic.

put in the campfire please?

Why the Campfire?

becuase accessible to entire community across projects, not just POP or NGI

But they are accessible anyway. It’s only this cat is restricted.

@alberto, this is where we start