Produce first draft of LOTE4 program

This is a version to present to prospective partners, funders and early birds. It needs to be very brief, exciting and relevant. It should convey that what is on offer is an opportunity to gain unique perspectives on big current events, and anticipate what’s around the corner.

Format: 1 A4 page description + 1A4 schedule with names and session titles

We are producing different versions of the program, adapted for context. Reason- this event is the first in a series that can and will take place in different parts of the world.

Currently being built here. Community members will be able to upload translations and localised content in different languages for the different countries.

1. Italy: ITA | ENG

2. Spain, Latam: ESP | ENG

3. Germany: DE | ENG

4. Egypt: ARA | ENG

Access denied, did it move?

Yes, a more up-to-date version was built here.

Still cant see. Must be a closed group?

Not closed

It is accessible even if you are not logged in, I just checked. Must be a browser issue from your side :slight_smile: