Rewrite of Dreams for multi-tenancy and wider adoption

A bunch of features from the mvp definition has been added since last update:

  • Budget items
  • Comments (some of this work done by @mehow)
  • Marking dreams as favorite and filtering on your favorites
  • Free text search/filter
  • and responsiveness has been much improved (not terrible in mobile anymore :slight_smile: )

I think the next feature to tackle is flags (allowing admin to set guidelines that the Dreams should follow, and let users help out in the screening process through flagging dreams that don’t meet these criteria).

A healthy dosage of boredom, being ok with the boredom, bodily pains, equanimity with the pain etc… :sweat_smile:

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Another overhaul that I think would make sense is to move from using subdomains for events to using subdirectories. I.e. moving from to

This would make it easier to deploy on a wider array of setups, for example you might want to use a subdomain on your own domain to run Dreams, to get something like This would also enable us to use the subdomain on a hosted version for organisations later.

I :black_heart: the new direction and the new Tech Stack.

This indeed has been a very hard project to maintain and get new developers for.
I’m happy that personally this gives me a whole new drive to jump in and help development.

On the technical side - I’m curious on how you would solve the “custom fields per project” issue using a relational db.

Bottom line - Let’s do this :muscle:t3: